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Cote- Who the hell other then you, cares about Hard Knocks? No coach with any brains wants these nitwits sniffing around.
Scott- The thing to do is scare the shit out of them. With a little luck, a few of them will take a tumble. Jimbo- The dog idea is very good, except, I dont want to clean the drool and hair off my car seats. I still like to get real close to them, then blast the horn.
Shadow- All the red sox games are sellouts. Tried to look him up before, a scalper told me he was working a twins game across town.
Jimbo- Agree with you about Armandos blog. I swear half the guys on the site, are teenagers. Plus Armando is a typical jock sniffer.
Cote- Agree with you about the bikers. Here in Naples, they ride in packs. One night, the wife and I were going out, it was dark, this asshole drifted into the street, in black, no light on the bike, I almost hit him. Got to a light, told him I damn near hit him, the jerk said to me, Maybe you should of. Never one to back away from an argument, I told him, next time I see him, I will be sure to try and graze him. What a dope. As far as Kornheiser goes, the guy is a pompous blowhard. He ought to drift off and retire.
Jimbo- OC-dolphin- Great for a laugh. Shadow- I also miss Dean and Genrai. Went to red sox mets game yesterday in FT.Meyers, was going to look for dean, fight broke out with 2 scalpers, got the hell away from them when someone in the crowd said he saw a gun. You know it would not be dean. Cops came and tried to detain people for questioning. Hopefully he was at another part of street area.
Not to get off course here but, I see the Dolphins might open there season on monday night against the jets in the Jersey swamp.
Good old Jersey girls. This fat tub of goo has to be a Jets fan, and have a closet love for old Rex Ryan.
OC Dolphin- I pitty that poor bastard you have walking over to give Tagliabue the selection paper. It will be one long walk, as he is no longer the commish.
Jimbo- Draft is April 22-24, this year. Starts thurs at 7pm. OC Dolphin- I think most guys like to talk football. Cote starts to much political BS. I think it turns people off. You will see most of thr regulars return 2-3 weeks before the NFL draft. I know I am a sick NFL fan, who even watched the combine on the NFL channel. Its pritty sick when I find myself watching guys run the 40yd dash.
Shark74- You are right. I am pissed and spitting nails right now. Anything less then running up the score and hanging 40pts on that big mouth rex ryan, and his trash talking clowns, will not due. The Pats are 10pt favorites, I think Vegas smells a blowout. After sunday night, I figure Bellichick, Brady, and the defense, will come up big. Just might bet this one.
over his head. not henne, haha.
Flipper72- If you are useing the last drive against the bucs as your reasoning why henne will be great, you have to be kidding. Right now he is ranked about 28-29 in the qb rateings. He just played against the fuc**ng bucs, and you won only because they suck, and there coach is in over his henne. They won the game because of rickey williams running in that last drive, despite henne throwing the ball away. Like I said this was the bucs you were playing at home. Not a good performance.
shadow- cote blocked a post I made. What I said was, the Pats went for a 4th down against the falcons, on there own 26 this yr and made it. Nothing said. If Marroney does not fumble in the end zone, end of story. You listern to scribes like lebetard, wilbon, lupica, page, most of them, they dont know anymore about sports then the serious sports fan. The only difference is they get paid. And they all have there own hidden agenda.
shadow- Cote has his pc police checking this morning. I guess he did not like me calling out his jock sniffing associates.
Flipper72- You are crazy!!! Carolina a good team? Thats right, your dolphins are playing them. hahaha. Iam surprised you left this site after the chargers game. What happened? As for larry johnson, he cleared wavers last week, what the hell are you talking about, talking to Peoli? He can sign with anybody he wants. Parcells would not touch this clown. He is another porter. Like I said, you know when parcells thinks henne is ready, he will tell his puppet coach to ditch the wildcat. The only other team I have seen run the wildcat is the browns, and raiders. What do all these teams have in common? Lousy QBS!!! As for you keep reminding me about your dolphins being defending AFC east champs, I think after watching Brady, everybody in the NFL knows last year was a fluke!!! So Brady is all done, huh!! As for your knowledge of the tatum hit on Stingley, it was an exibition game flipper!!! It was a feud between these 2 goinng back to ohio state- perdue. For you to say it was not a dirty play, just plays into your hatred for the Pats. Another thing flipper, try winning a fuc**ng playoff game before you think superbowl. PLAYOFFS!!!!! What next, we talk about hard schedule, injurys, officals are against your team. How you can predict 7 wins strait after the bucs game is truely funny. PLAYOFFS!!!!! Yea right.
Jimbo- About 25yrs or so ago, a guy by the name of dan white was a supervisor in city hall in san francisco, he shot an killed the mayor an a gay advocate by the name of harvey milk. He got a light sentence of somewhere around 7-10yrs. He used what he called the twinkie defense, a sugar rush that sent him over the edge, caused him to go crazy. If my memory serves me right, he got out of prision early, then commited suicide. The guy was not to happy with the fudge packers, takeing over city hall.
Jimbo- She has looked a little crazy lately. I figure she would like to strangle Senator Reid, then use the old Twinkie Defense that was made famous in SF.
Jimbo- I did see the chiefs-raiders game. Me and some friends where having coffee this morning, and we figure CBS must of caved in to there moonbat liberal base, by sticking it to this conservitive area Naples,Fl. with this game. Jamarcus russell, 9-24, 67yds. What a useless piece of sh*t this guy is. What is up with this ski cap he wears? He sits on the sidelines and stares into space. He looks like a poor lost soul. But he does look good with those 5k earrings. Anytime the raiders and al davis fu*k up, they help make my day. Never forgot, or got over jack tatums hit on Darrell Stingley. Saw it with my own eyes, sad day.
Lets see, you go against another crummy team this week carolina, lets start hearing about ronnie browns ankle, joey getting benched, instead of, what are we going to get out of henne.