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Susannah M
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Hi Antony, Thanks for this clarification. Obviously no-one can hold you responsible for the decisions of maverick National Party politicians! Also, thank you for your patient explanations on the Dension posting about how preferential voting works. As a voter in Denison, I appreciate having preferential voting. If my preferred candidate isn't elected, I very much appreciate my least disliked candidate having the benefit of my vote! I also take the opportunity for expressing my personal views by voting below the line in the Senate. The only improvement I would suggest is to allow voters to stop numbering after a point (as with the optional preferential voting used for Tasmanian House of Assembly candidates). With 24 candidates, and only 6 to be elected, I was having a lot of trouble ranking candidates I had never heard of once I got past about number 12. COMMENT: You should have tried voting in NSW where there were 83 Senate candidates!
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Aug 24, 2010