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"islamonazi pigsties?" Gee, I can't imagine how language like that could foster an atmosphere of violence. And as for those mosques that have been torched, and those three other people in this woman's neighborhood who were beaten so badly that they had to be hospitalized, well I'm sure Gellar's and Spencer's calm and reasoned arguments and their alleged advocacy of "non violent protest" against the rights of other American citizens to live in the United States and to exercise their freedom of religion had nothing to do with those. The Party of Personal Responsibility is absolutely convinced that sermons the President might have heard a couple of decades ago, or the views of a Harvard law professor who taught him even longer ago than that, will make him eventually establish a Communist regime, but they acknowledge no connection at all between their own words and anyone else's actions. Give me a break. We don't know yet who killed this woman or why, but vicious, dehumanizing epithets like the ones you spout contribute nothing, and don't speak well for your own capability for civilized conduct.
To everyone on this thread and every other thread who is absolutely sure they know what happened here, I've got two words for you: Chandra Levy. Remember her? Remember how absolutely sure every armchair detective in the country was that we knew who killed her and why? Well, turns out that she was a victim of a serial rapist/killer, and that while an innocent man's career was being destroyed, the actual killer probably claimed a few more victims. I also suggest reading Tom Wolfe's "Bonfire of the Vanities." A media circus that appropriates a tragedy for political reasons, left or right, anti-racist or unapologetically racist, seldom serves the cause of truth. For all we know, what happened here was something off everyone's radar. Maybe this woman surprised a burglar. We just don't know. By the way, I have never seen a "donut shaped box" but have seen a lot of boxes that look as though they contain or did at one time contain donuts, because they have the words "Dunkin" or "Krispie Kreme" on the outside. Not a bad receptacle for, oh, say, burglar tools, don't you think?
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Apr 7, 2012