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Susie Felber
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Thanks Sue! Not to get you hooked, but let me know what your fave is (traditional regency or other) and I'd be happy to rec a starter title! It's really exciting to find any new reader. The whole point of this enterprise is to entertain people who love good books. xo, Susie
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Thanks! That's so good to hear. I think it's all about what flavor you like. I too appreciate some of Layton's later stuff more, but the trad regency fans would not agree. I like it light and fluffy, with amped up humor/action and maybe I'm a bit less fussy with the history. And my mom liked it all -- but changed based on what her publishers wanted at the time. Thanks for being a reader and for commenting!
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Mary Jo -- your continued support and friendship means so much. I always know I could pick up the phone or email to MJP HQ if I have a question, and you'd be more than generous with your time and advice.
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PAT! Thanks you for going the extra mile to invite me to blog and thanks for remembering the whole Layton crew. Reading you (here or in fiction form) is always like a warm hug.
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Thanks MEP as ever for the kind support. Authors as fans and friends are super special. :)
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Wow Mary! Thanks for letting me know. New older fans are just as meaningful to me! I just don't usually hear from them. Thank you so much for coming out to comment. Means a lot to me.
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Thanks Mike! As a fan of your personal storytelling, that means a lot! Cheers! --Susie
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Update 6/26: A TRUE LADY is now available as an ebook * First, I'd like to thank the Wenches for inviting me to post during their anniversary celebration. I am continually impressed by how the Wenches not only endure, but continue to innovate, entertain, and open the circle to new authors and guests. Secondly, yes, that's a cover reveal just to the left of this copy, and no I didn't write it, but more on that in a moment... Third, well, I probably should introduce myself first, right? OK, here goes... Dear Readers, I'm Susie Felber. No, that is not... Continue reading
Posted Jun 16, 2017 at Word Wenches
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Jun 30, 2011