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I stand corrected! :)
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Holy. Shit. So many ways to die...Damply. This time I will remember to SAVE. This is going to be awesome. Go, Wil!
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Awesome! We played Exits Are Out (Which I think uses the same engine? I could be wrong.) by the hotel pool on the night before JCCC2 and it was the most fun I've ever had playing a game with about 20 other people. I'm trying (and failing) to imagine the awesome that would ensue if we played a text adventure with 500 people on JCCC3. Please make this happen?
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Seconding Byron Bay! (Don't bother with Surfer's Paradise.) And definitely seconding the Mana Bar (in Brissy. Haven't been to the one in Melb). If you're driving, I suggest taking the scenic route from Byron to Brisbane, through Springbrook. It's a bit of a detour, but it's utterly, utterly beautiful:,_Queensland Also! If you have some time once in QLD, I beg you to go to Fraser Island. It's paradise.
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