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Ammu and her children live an extremely tough life. First of all, Ammu has separated from her abusive husband, and she raises Estha and Rahel with no help from Baby Kochamma who is decieving and manipulative in the end and ruins the family. Yet Ammu stays strong. She even goes against all norms of society and begins sexual relations with an untouchable. Not only this, but Ammu believes that her children ruined her life. I find this topic of Ammu and the conflict between her children to be an extremely compelling argument. That is why I want to write my... Continue reading
At first Bernie and Roy both convinced me that after the first chapter, the book goes in order. And there is a large possibility that I am completely wrong, but I dont see any type of order! I mean yes there is a consistent theme of going from sophie mol's arrival and to death but in between these two points, there is a lot of jumping around between stories and characters at different times. For example, first we read about Ammu's cremation, then it jumps back again to the point where she first felt alive again after her divorce when... Continue reading
As I read the first few chapters of the God of Small Things i was lost. First of all I dont understand how this book follows any kind of order and im still a little confused on how everyone is related. So although it makes me seem like a loser, i have promised myself that even though i would rather be reading the hunger games over spring break, i will reread the first 117 pages of the most confusing book (yes more confusing than Beloved). I hope it helps me to gain some sort of understanding because right now i... Continue reading
As i talked about in class and in my impromptu, the point of view of the story and the passage we wrote about is connected by the touch of one character to another. I find it interesting how this also corrolates with Paul D and the chains that connect him to his slave brothers in Kentucky. When one slave brother fell, so did all of the others. The story in the passage we wrote about was passed on from Sethe to Paul D through the subtle movements of the other and the memory was taken on into the point of... Continue reading
I began to write my rough draft at the beginning of the week and as I sat down to write my paper I thought. What is this book even about? First of all, I really did not enjoy the book becuase I really didnt understand it when I read it and I know I didnt want to write my paper on racism in the heart of darkness and Bernie said we should not write about imperialism in the heart of darkness, so now what? Then I began to think of the structure of the story. It is a frame story... Continue reading
To be honest I really didn't like this book at the beginning. First of all Bernie shows some peoples hands getting cut off and i just about fell over. Then it talks of violence in the whole first part of the book and thats just not my thing. So I read and read and every instaquiz i would get at least one thing wrong. And i read the end and was like oh great it ended...but then we read it in class. The ending i mean and it changed my perspective on it completely. I still think the book is... Continue reading
The freaky looking girl in the oil paintings is The Intended. Marlow describes that exact portrait in the end of the book when he goes to her house. She is in black mourning. And the light shines perfectly on her forehead. It also describes how the darkness closed in around them. It enveloped them. Marlow saw Kurtz's face in the window saying, "The horror, the horror!" and the horror lies inside The Intended's house. Kurtz's painting revealed the horror just as The Intended's face was revealed by a small amout of light left in the end. Continue reading
I went into this year and expected a nice senior year. Yeah, I am taking quite a few AP's but I’ve been able to handle them before, especially English. One of my best subjects other than math. So I come in to English and the first day I'm kind of like any other senior, waiting for this first semester to be over with so I can get into college and move on with my life. Then we read our first book, the stranger. It is really weird. And Mr. Heidkamp comes in to class and tells me all the feelings... Continue reading
After reading the rest of Act III last night i went to sleep disgusted. Why would anyone want to gouge someones eyes out? That is just terrible. I was very upset. So i went to bed and tried to push that out of my mind. It wasnt until this morning, just 10 minutes ago actually, when i had an ah-ha moment. When Glouster gets his first eye gouged out, he gets a little upset, but not as much as i would have expected. If it was Lear there would have been a long speech about how Regan is a whore.... Continue reading
Even though we are supposed to be blogging about King Lear, I think it is necessary to say a final statement before putting this one on the book shelf. Pride and Prejudice. A lot of the guys were saying how it was so girlish and some people did not even read it so it does not effect them as much. But have you ever noticed that every book we read in english classes ends up sad or just messed up? it was a nice refreshing book that kept me excited the whole time, even though i knew what would happen.... Continue reading
Throughout the book, I have been tracking Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in particular. Not only because they are Pride and Prejudice, but also because in an odd way they seemed to resemble each other quite a bit. The reading this week has only reinforced my thoughts. On page 171 it says, "We neither of us perform to strangers." This is when Elizabeth is talking to Colonel Fitzwilliam about how Mr. Darcy would not introduce himself to anyone at the first ball they attended together. Then Mr. Darcy says the above quote about Elizabeth's piano skills. Both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy... Continue reading
Pride and Prejudice is all about pride (Mr. Darcy) and prejudice (a woman's role in society is to be very polite and be 'womanly'). I find it interesting that they use pride and prejudice as the title. Pride in fact represents Mr. Darcy where it says on page 12, "for he was discovered to be proud, to be above his company, and above being pleased". Mr. Darcy is hard to please, he comes from a rich background so he has reason to be proud but he uses his past to be rude, and therefore he does not make a good... Continue reading
This weekend was my sit down and write college essays weekend which is why Ichose to make this my ranting about college essays blog. But I'm not even going to do that. I sat down this weekend with three of my friends in silence and we wrote our college essays on a Saturday night. At first I was a little skeptical because we are friends, we love to talk and it is a Saturday night, so why not talk. But right when I arrived my friends asked me to read one of my essays to them. So embarrassingly I pulled... Continue reading
So i was sitting down writing my paper when i started to think about something. My essay is about society and how society forces us to think that love is necessary to get married and what not. Then i turned to page 59 and re-read the part about when Meursault killed the Arab. I thought wow, he is such a bad person for killing the Arab. But is he? I mean yeah, he took someone elses life so obviously that is a bad thing. But couldn't it also just be society telling us that it is morally wrong to kill... Continue reading
Reading through many of these posts to think about what to write about a few things strike me right away. As for the movie in connection to the stranger, I see Meursault in Matthew. He only does things he wants to do such as only saying he will fix radios and not televisions. Or when he bumps into the lady causing her to drop her television and says the thing was busted anyway. He is living an existentialist lifestyle. I also see Maria as Marie from the stranger. She is all about love and even talks to the nurse about... Continue reading
Monsieur Meursault talks about how for the longest time he thought that people had to climb up some stairs in order to get to a guillotine. Yet when he is in the position of getting his head cut off, he sees that the murder and guillotine are on the same level. On page 112 it says, "I was made to see that contrary to what I thought, everything was very simple: the guillotine is on the same level as the man approaching it. He walks up to it the way you walk up to another person. That bothered me too.... Continue reading
Monsieur Meursault says that people never change. (page 41) This is interesting because then at the bottom of page 45 to the top of 46 he says that old Salamano's life had changed. Also, at first Monsieur Meursault did not care about getting married at all. When Marie asked him he said it really didn't matter to him much. On page 41 he says "I answered the same way I had the last time, that it didn't mean anything but that I probably didn't love her." Then when they went to the beach house, and Marie was talking to Mrs.... Continue reading
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Sep 7, 2010