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Suzi Edmonds
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I absolutely HATE beer, but I loved hearing about your 'adventure in brewing' with your son. I loved how he 'hacked' your twitter, I love how he 'hacked' your mic at w00tstock, I loved how you made me get misty when you talked about him leaving to go back to school...I love the fact that I can still think of you as a little kid on ST:TNG, and be honestly happy that you 'made it' didn't fall prey to the bad stuff in Hollyweird. I'm so happy you guys have this. Also happy that you have not posted that either of you is on the way to the ER for stomach pumping :) Please do write more about it...did you use a kit? just figure it out yourselves? What? This might help me out for Christmas gift ideas for my husband and our son! :)
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2011 on Ryan and I totally made this. at WWdN: In Exile
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Aug 23, 2011