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Don Nordeen
Retired auto guy with interest in family, organizations, politics, engineering, and other stuff.
Interests: education, learning, organizations, politics, property owners associations, north country of Michigan
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2011 Dec 07 Click on History for changes and updates. The United States is one of only a few countries that grant citizenship to those born in this country. But even the USA has an exception for children whose parents... Continue reading
2010 November 15 Last update: 2010 Nov 30. Click on History for changes and updates. Because of the importance of "The Nine Guiding Principles of Social Security" described by Mr. Robert M. Ball to any discussion of changes in Social... Continue reading
2010 November 13 Last edit: 2011 Jan 29. Click on History for changes and updates. Everyone needs more stability and predictability on tax issues. The current gridlock in Congress and with the White House seems to be based on ideology,... Continue reading
This post provides comments on the proposal by the Co-Chairs of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform (Debt Commission) concerning the Social Security OASI aspect of the proposal. Of particular concern is the fundamental change in the proposal to include safety net and welfare provisions. Continue reading
2010 October 28 Click on History for changes and updates. Achieving the objective of limited government will require thinking "outside the box". And it will likely not be easy. The continuation of this post provides some thoughts on why the... Continue reading
Most of the proposals for addressing the shortfall in Social Security OASI funding are "inside the box" such as raising Social Security OASI taxes, raising retirement age for full benefits, etc. All work within the system as currently defined and reflected in the formulas for calculating the various aspects of Social Secuirty OASI revenues and benefits. The formulas which are based on current law may unintended consequences that contribute to the shortfall in funding. This proposal takes a different approach based on the objective of making Social Security OASI permanently solvent for the long term according the the actuarial projections made annually. The continuation of this post describes the ideas in the proposal. The first paragraph contains a link to the working paper which develops and quantifies the ideas. Continue reading
2010 September 09 Last revision: 2011 Jan 08. Click on History for changes and updates. For many reasons, and perhaps primarily because of the new Arizona immigration law, immigration has become a major part of political debate. Obviously, there are... Continue reading
2010 July 22 Click on History for changes and updates. The Michigan Fair Tax proposal has been available for several years. A petition drive to place the proposal (amendment to Michigan's Constitution) on the ballot failed to get the required... Continue reading
2010 March 24 Click on History for changes and updates. The continuation of this post is my Letter to the Editor of the Des Moines Register on the important subject of whether or not health care is a right. Don... Continue reading
2010 March 09 Click on History for changes and updates. The continuation of this post is my letter to Professor Elizabeth Warren, chairman of the TARP Oversight Committee, concerning legislation to prevent a repeat of the financial collapse in 2008.... Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010
2010 March 04 Last update: 2010 Mar 10. Click on History for changes and updates. Now, a year after the beginning of an extensive effort to define health care legislation, the status is an impasse. The House's version only passed... Continue reading
2010 March 03 Click on History for changes and updates. The continuation of this post provides a link to a USA Today about manufacturing towns becoming ghost towns. The article provides a link to USA Today's job forecast for 2010.... Continue reading