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Colin C. Swainston
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The true nature of this Faker team emerged today, May 8, 2011. By losing to the Mavs by 36 in the Game 4 close out of the Western Conf semi-finals, the Fakers confirmed what every true Celtic fan already knows: the Fakers have absolutely no heart or character. The Faker run commenced in 2008 and culminated in an embarrassing 6 game series, witnessing KoMe and GaSoft getting physically and mentally dismantled by the Big 3 -- losing by 39 points or the largest playoff deficit in Laker history (true statisticians know that the lead was actually 46 points until the Celtics stopped guarding the last 55 seconds and gave up 7 quick points to end the massacre). This debacle was scorned by every living Laker legend at the time from Magic to Kareem to Worthy to Coop! No previous Laker team had ever lost a close out playoff game by more than 15 points -- yet KoMe's team almost tripled that sum. The Faker's journey continued in 2009 by easing by Orlando who slid past Boston when KG went down in February. 2010 again witnessed the Fakers getting manhandled by Boston through the first 5 games, only to again have the basketball god smile on them with Perk going down in Game 6. Despite playing the Celtics without their enforcer, the Fakers manage a 4 point victory in Game 7 with KoMe shooting an historically impressive 25% from the field! And now today, May 8, 2011, we come full circle. What do we see in the Game 4 close out but another 30+ "bookend" massacre! What true Faker fan saw this coming: no one since the only Faker fan in LA is myopic at best toward this team, deluding themselves these past 2 years that 2008 was an anomaly and the true character of the team was as a back-to-back champion. Wrong! In truth the 09 and 10 rings were never earned but gifts from the injury god above. When facing a competent, healthy opponent two of the past four years, the Fakers have lost by more than 35 points in the close out game of each playoff series. This, my Faker fans, has never been done before and will, most assuredly, never be seen again by any NBA franchise. There you have it: the two rings of 2009 and 2010 gifted through injury but sandwiched between the true nature of this "team -- or, better stated, lack of any team cohesiveness -- which is to simply give up in close out games, refusing to even fight for respect, pride, heart, or whatever quality one wants to ascribe to a loser. The true nature of the Fakers of 2011 might have slid by relatively unnoticed but for the antithetical showing of pride across the country yesterday as Rondo evidenced for the world at large just what Celtic Pride means to a team. Anyone who was privileged enough to witness the Celtics' Game 3 performance against the Heat yesterday understands what it means to play for Celtic Pride and, specifically, understands the heart of a champion as Rondo poked the ball from Bosh, ran it down, and then laid it in -- all with one arm. That, my Faker fans, is what heart and pride is all about. Even if this team falls to the Heat, I assure you they will fight to the bitter end. The ghost of Red, the existent heart of Bird and the true Big 3, and the hallowed glory of each of the 17 banners hanging in the Garden rafters will make sure of that! This weekend saw the Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde of champions. The Fakers exposed their true nature (culminated I might add by Odom and Bynum's bush league thuggery), while Rondo and company demonstrated to the King and Wade that they will have to beat this champion as no one is giving up anything easily. For true Celtic fans we knew this was the Fakers identify all along these past 4 years. It is comforting that it is now exposed for all the world to see.
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May 8, 2011