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@Billybob54 ur a dumb@ss. But ur a disgruntled Canes fan. All Canes fans do these days is trash the Gators. And we love it. As for Haden, I wonder if he underestimated the talent level he would see here in Florida. Maybe he thought things would be easier based upon Joe's time as a Gator? Lived in Maryland, and coached youth football there. In general, the talent in Florida exceeds that seen in MD.
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What's up with Mike Gillislee? He's not getting any reps with the offense this seaon? Hoping to see him on the field, he is such a tough runner. We need that this season.
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Canes fans are so cute. I realize you guys are made ur still ranked 13 with all the hype you've been feeding us from Coral Gables. Here's a tip, sell out at least one game this season. Maybe people will take you more seriously. Good thing is, the noise will cease come September 12. Then we'll get to start hearing the excuses all over again.
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Aug 7, 2010