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I don't really want to be nasty, as you've repented already I can see... but if you're operating a major web-site and don't have multiple off-site backups on several different servers scattered around the world, then it's hard for me to take anything else you might say seriously. This guy didn't back up his community web site - so what credibility do you have with anything technical? Backup is like the fundamental most important thing you need to do with any project or service, since it's inevitable that your systems will die sooner or later. My projects won't vanish unless both Australia and the United States are nuked into oblivion at the same time. I better put some other backups in Antarctica or Africa or somewhere for extra security! Also, it costs almost nothing to make full incremental off-site backups.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2011 on International Backup Awareness Day at Coding Horror
I have 3 VPSs (little servers). Two in different US data-centres, and one in Australia (where I live). Total cost ~$50 / month. (I use and crucial paradigm.) I replicate everything that I care about (e.g. code, web-sites, mail) across my home computers, my work computers and these VPSs, using git. As a bonus, it keeps a complete history of my work, and compresses it; and it's lightning fast. I use it for mail, because it's faster and better than IMAP. No need to back up movies that you downloaded off bittorrent, you can download them again. Just back up your code and data. Go, make yourself some off-site backups scattered around the world, and do it now! I also publish nearly all of this data (my code) on the web as a side-effect of committing it to my servers whenever I make any changes.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2011 on International Backup Awareness Day at Coding Horror
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May 19, 2011