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Tom, I think you make a very valuable point about trying out "digital stuff" early and widely. A lot of it is inexpensive at point of entry, so why not be a first mover just to see if you can score some singles and doubles? Maybe you'll connect for a home run. The nimble companies will ultimately win, and some of our social/digital technologies give great opportunities to be nimble without turning the entire ship all at once.
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At one time, people had to think about the ROI of computers, internet access, and everything else that we now consider utilities. Digital networked communications (or "social media") really is a utility at this point - or should be. The question is, How can we use it alongside everything else to grow our business? -not some pathetic effort to isolate it from all other forms of communication and demand some ROI. Caveat - it's OK to look at the ROI of a specific social media initiative as a tactic. Just like anything else.
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Dec 5, 2011