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I have a friend that was "throttled" very badly. They eventually started placing more and more of his movies on "Long Wait" and "Very Long Wait", and I'm not talking new releases either. And when he would send movies back, they would take longer than a day for Netflix to receive them even though I was in the same area (with a Netflix shipping center) and I only had 1-day turn-around. We even placed the same movie (and not a new release) on each of our queues and his came up as "Very Long Wait" and mine came up as "Available Now". I haven't really been throttled by Netflix, but I saw my friend's account and he was throttled incredibly bad. Eventually he just had to cancel because it was a big rip-off for him. Another friend of mine started out great, but now he always has a 2-day turn-around rate when it was always one day before. I'm just thankful Netflix hasn't screwed me over yet, and for reasons I do not know. But yes Netflix throttles, it's a fact, no matter what they may state. I just don't understand how they pick and choose which members to throttle, because I've rented just as much and just as long (if not longer) as my friends have, and I haven't really had any problems.
Here's a few movies I found missing from Netflix... Gleaming the Cube - (1989) Airborne - (1993) Santa Claus: The Movie - (1985) No Way Home - (1996) Out of the Darkness - (1985) Undercover with the KKK - (1979) Chips '99 - (1998)
I added "Capote" and "Brokeback Mountain" to the top of my queue when they were both released, and they both still say "Long Wait." I'm not too surprised as these movies got good reviews and whatnot, but this is the longest I've had to wait for new releases.
"Gleaming the Cube" and "Santa Claus: The Movie" have been released on DVD but are not available on Netflix.
I know this is a little late but I live in Cedar Rapids, IA and most of my rentals come from the Cedar Rapids distribution center.
As a follow up to my previous post.. my fiance is a postal carrier and she says that all the Netflix are removed before the mail goes through the machines because the machines will break the discs. All the Netflix envelopes are thrown into a bin and someone from Netflix comes and picks them up. The returns all go back to the local distribution center (regardless of the city on the envelope).
Don't bother doubling up to save your local DC envelopes because all the discs you return should go straight to your local DC anyway, no matter what address is on the envelope. Atleast this is how it's always been for me. When I return my out-of-state discs they always get them the next day no matter where they came from.