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What gets you to do what you don't want to do? Isn't this the nexus of the problem when you eat in a way that violates your diet? Continue reading
Misattributing your reason for doing something is a common everyday occurrence. Continue reading
Is there a biological predisposition to consume fattening foods? Are pervasive cues like the presence of food, TV, cravings, anxiety, boredom) facilitators of overeating and sedentary behavior? Continue reading
Have you thought of losing weight by not concentrating your efforts on diet and exercise and working directly on eating itself? Continue reading
What if the here-and-now methods for losing weight are insufficient... Continue reading
Chloe didn’t seem aware of any of this; it was if she simply responded to the position she had been put in... Continue reading
All overweight women know there is something wrong with being so heavy. Does this “something wrong” qualify as a disorder? Continue reading
Intentions, goals, commitment, plans are not enough. See what else will carry the day when you're trying to lose weight. Continue reading
You might find the following off the beaten track of weight loss. Nonetheless, please stick with it. Continue reading
Are overeating, binge eating, and eating too many fattening foods undesirable habits that need to be overcome by willpower? Continue reading
Perhaps it is best to think of what interferes with weight loss rather than focusing on changing your eating behavior (e.g., dieting). Continue reading
Can you imagine yourself losing weight feeling quite at ease? What would it take? Continue reading
What ways do you use to monitor yourself when you are trying to lose weight? Common ways of monitoring are... Continue reading
Emotional eating is usually defined as eating in response to negative emotions. While this is true, there are other causes of emotional eating that are not given the recognition they deserve. Continue reading
Our world moves at a fast pace, and we are accustomed to having what we want quickly. Continue reading
What do you have to change if you want to lose weight? Most people would say that they have to change the way they eat. Continue reading
How hooked are you on eating too much food, too many fattening foods, or binge eating? Continue reading
by Maria's Last Diet You have been moving along the continuum of weight loss, and here you are. You’ve lost the weight you set out... Continue reading
Self-control is the one thing everyone says will make the difference when it comes to losing weight. Continue reading
Next time you eat too much food or eat too many fattening foods, see if you needed some excitement, social comfort, enjoyment, satisfaction, or relief. Continue reading
Which of your life problems do you believe constitute risk factors for overeating, eating too many fattening foods, or binge eating? Continue reading
I totally reject the idea that some sort of underlying psychology is at work here. Continue reading
Is this true for you? Knowing that carrying extra weight isn’t good for you doesn’t change the outcome. Continue reading