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I'd buy a copy, probably hardcopy. But July is International Zine Month! Don't you want to steal copies from Kinkos, then spend a long night folding, stapling, and stuffing the finished product into envelopes? (Hey, some of us still do that... keep the papernet alive.)
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Today I finished the corrections on a scientific article about utilizing municipal solid waste and tea as compost for Brussels sprouts. Yesterday it was copyediting an article about grinding up the unused portions of fish used in frozen fillets to feed to other fish. Such is the glamorous life of an academic journal production editor. Clearly, I could use that copy of The Guild S3 to fill a void in my empty, empty life. Hopefully the dice (or random number generator) will be on my side.
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Please consider a show in Philadelphia! We have a great geek/DIY/get excited and make things movement in progress. There are many collaborative spaces (Hive76, the Hacktory, 2424 Studios) and a thriving geek culture. Plus, if you do a show here, we promise not to Taser you. (Unless you want it. That can be arranged as well.)
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If you enjoyed MASTERS OF DECEPTION, I highly recommend the comic WIZZYWIG by Ed Piskor ( It's a quasi-fictional-hybrid story based on hackers Kevin Mitnick and Kevin Poulson. The artwork is razor sharp, and as far as the script, Ed Piskor has done some serious research. And, in the spirit of indie publishing, Vols. 1 and 2 are on his site for free! Vol. 3 just printed, too.
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