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Natalie Sztern
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I know one thing you can do besides pastry: you can certainly write which is evident in this post and I certainly hope you do write that book...and if I may say Eric's book of Le Bernadin stands to date the best outlay of a book I have ever seen. Each page is like a Where's Waldo the eye doesn't know what to read first...I wish they would have made high school textbooks like that. Next, I am someone who really doesn't bake for 2 reasons but primarily because I could never eat dessets and therefore I am one for whom looking at flour and sugar scares me and I would like a Desserts For Dummies kind of book. Third and last: maybe when you have a few hours with nothing to do you can test the DiabetiSweet and give your honest opinion of the product... Good luck...but I think luck is not really what you need I think luck follows you...unique when you write a tiny history of your road to Le Bernadin so the fork in the road has come and your future is what you make of it and if your past is an indication then you are well on your way.
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Oct 26, 2011