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Tom Smith
The high chaparral, east San Diego County, Ammurica. My profile picture shows me being instructed by an Amazonian Indian in the art of blow gun shooting, somewhere in the Peruvian Amazon, but within boat ride of an airconditioned eco-tourist haunt.
I'm a law professor in San Diego married to Jeanne, a physician. Our family unit comprises 4 boys, 1 elder labrador, 1 bichon, 1 snake, 1 lizard, and about 5000 books.
Interests: family, books, politics, philosophy, economics, law, outdoor stuff, especially mountains, dogs, general fitness, science, a startup called PreCYdent applying computer science to law, raising boys, movies, the usual.
Recent Activity
I have only read a little Evola. I would have read more but his book on monarchy--I forget what it's called--is either badly written or translated. He takes the strange view that the king is the high priest of the nation and all of his subjects are sort of related to the divinity through him. This isn't even divine right theory but something older or at least stranger. Aztec perhaps? I doubt even the fascists took this guy seriously. I find Bannon's quotation of him troubling. But maybe he doesn't know Evola well. If he does, that would be a problem.