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MPLS?! Aw man... I don't live there anymore. Any plans for bringing the show down to the nation's capital?
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Does it really take 14 years to get your geek to rub off on your wife...? Love my wife dearly, but I think she would be a whole lot more fun sometimes if she even shared one of my "geek" hobbies. I share in most of her "normal" ones. We need a married geek call to arms. For every week we sit through an episode of Project Runway, American Idol, or Biggest Loser, they need to sit through an episode of Star Trek, Firefly, or AOTS. For every shopping trip we take to JC Pennys or Macys, they need to come to GameStop or Games Workshop. For every lame dinner party with her friends we go to, they need to come to play DnD or Warhammer. Maybe that's just a pipe dream. Oh well... 3 years down... 11 to go. Let your geek flag fly!
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So weird that you blogged about the Kill Wesley Crowd today. I was just hearing (with some surprise) about their existance from a coworker today. I was 12 when I started watching TNG (which was in syndication already, to age me a little), Wesley was about the only person on that ship I could even identify with. I think the "we hate Wesley" people must have been old jerks. The episode where Wes traps his mother in a warp bubble is still one of my all time favs. I never watched Enterprise, but news of a Wesley addition probably would have grabbed my attention enough to catch a few episodes.
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2010 on from the vault: april's fool at WWdN: In Exile
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Wish I could have been there. Been following PA since 2003, and have always wanted to check it out. Maybe next year I'll get tix soon enough. Looking forward to catching a replay of the speech. PS Ralph Wiggum quoting FTW.
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Mar 26, 2010