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The biggest rules lawyering I've ever come across was from back in 1990. Myself and a bunch of my 10 and 11 year old friends would play a version of Hero Quest cobbled together with our own bastard rules, with campaigns lasting 7 or 8 hours and DMing that made the story and game enjoyable rather than a day long argument about why Andrews Wizard couldn't turn the entire other members of the party into goblins for the hell of it. We took our game to another friends house thinking that he would enjoy playing too, but had to spend the entire day doing something else because his parents insisted on reading through the entire rule book (that we didn't use) to make sure it wasn't unchristian or some sort of black magic. Ironically I think we spent the day playing Shadow of the Beast 2 on the Amiga whilst the Lawyers studied the material.
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These certainly are heartfelt and inspiring words to any actor, especially when delivered ... by ... *holds up hands* ... what appears ... *points finger* to be ... William Shatner (happy birthday Kirk btw).
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Weird, I just watched this episode today before reading your post the "I think I've made a horrible mistake." line amused me as I translated it in my brain to "Accidentally creating a lifeform as setting it loose on expensive Star Fleet flag ship FTL!"
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