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Tamara Dhia
Los Angeles, CA
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thanks for your support, always :)
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Being an actor in Hollywood is tough. Being an ethnic actor in Hollywood? Near impossible. As an Arab-American woman, not only am I a minority in this country but even more so in the field of film and television. It’s... Continue reading
You're most welcome Julian! I'm happy to hear you've connected to the post. Thanks so much for the feedback :)
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I have long been a believer that you make your own luck in this world. Hard work, determination and an assured sense of self will take you far. With Oprah ending her reign as the Daytime Talk Show Queen this... Continue reading
Thank you all sincerely for your comments and support. I can't tell you how much it's appreciated :)
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Thanks so much for your kind words of support :)
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Being that this is my inaugural post as the newest blogger for Backstage Unscripted, I figured it’s probably best to introduce myself and let you know how it is that I landed on your computer screen. My name is Tamara... Continue reading
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May 17, 2011