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Tam - The Jerk
Louisville, KY
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I would be extremely interested in the autographed picture or poster thing.
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Several years had passed since Whil Wheaton, son of Whiliam Fhucking Wheaton, had left the shire. He had built up a life for himself in the outside world. He had a steady job, a wife, and even a child on the way. And he was happy. Most of the time. You see, once a year as the climate cooled and the winds died, he would reflect on the summer spent Dancing With Smurfs. It was there he learned to fish. It was then he learned what a man is. It was the shire, where he learned to love. Lost in his whimsical memories, Whil Wheaton very nearly didn't notice the strange, blue creatures gathering near him at the Department Store. Christmas was coming, and he had things to do. "Whil?" His name shook the fog of nostalgia from his head, and the man turned in place. The voice was familiar. He was greeted by not one, but two. Then three. Then more. The Smurfs had ventured out of the garden in search of their lost Child. Overwhelmed, the man reached down and gathered the tribe into his arms, clenched his eyes, and felt tears in his eyes. They had come. His family. He was happy.
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This opinion is a little harder to explain in definite terms, but it's still something that annoys me each and every day. With the advent of social media and market penetration of the internet, more and more people are armchair critics. Myself included, in fact. But the truth is, by... Continue reading
Posted Oct 23, 2010 at One Jerk's Opinion
Just one jerk's opinion on piracy. I'm a pirate, and I discuss what I think is the best answer to combat the very thing I'm guilty of. Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2010 at One Jerk's Opinion
Awesome, thanks. Now I have to figure out why Typepad totally ate my name and spat Google vomit all over. (Incidentally, this is atrustaijitu off Twitter, one of the Wheaton 300, etc etc.)
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Hey, would it be possible to just release the eBook as an "epub" release? They're basically zip files with fancy xhtml formatting, and the format seems to be supported by a number of eBook readers - although I admit, I don't know if it's "native support". There's a free eBook collection software for Windows called "Calibre", and it has the capability to turn plain text files to epub. (Incidentally, there's homebrew for the Nintendo DS called DSlibris that can read the XHTML files (if you strip them out of the epub archive)... turning -it- into a nice little two-page eBook reader. *cough* Just something to think about. If there's free software that can create these, I don't think they would have DRM attached.
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