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I am a Guidance Counselor at a Middle School in Brooklyn, NY.. The best thing a parent can do is first listen to their child without making comments.. Ask the child about their feelings on the situation.. What do they think they could have done differently and what can they do in the future to prevent or solve this problem.. The best thing we can do is guide our children through this process, while showing them that we are going to support them in the end.. Children sometimes don't tell because they are afraid of their parents response.. As parents we become over protective.. What we can do is teach our children that they can stand up for themselves without hurting themselves or others.. Sit down with your child to make a plan of action that doesn't include violence.. Which should include telling the bully to stop, letting the bully know exactly what they are doing that is wrong and if it continues they are going to tell, enlist the support of peers who feel that they are being bullied.. Whenever, they are being bullied they all stand up and say "stop".. When they all band together (if it continues) and tell a guidance counselor or teacher they bully would stop.. The parent should always notify the school and/or school counselor to make them aware of the situation and the plan you have developed with the child. In extreme cases when there is violence I suggest having a conference with the child's parent(s).
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