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Tammy Circeo
Interests: music, friendship, health and wellness, children, movies, books, baseball, photography, family, food & drink, decorating, collecting, home, memories, scrapbooking. . .
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I was at my neighbor's house the other day and she had a copy of Sunset Magazine laying on the bar. She had ripped a few recipes from it and offered it to me to flip through. This recipe garnered my attention and became our dinner! Yup ... more tarragon.... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Chez Nous
Sometimes, you just gotta take a day off and do stuff that out-of-towners come here to do. Last Friday, Ken took off work and we had brunch at the Space Needle and in so doing, saw Seattle in 360 ... because you know, the restaurant in the Needle rotates. Then... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at Chez Nous
Say the word "cream puffs" and any one who knows my mother-in-law thinks of her. She is the Cream Puff Queen and made sure long ago that I knew all of her secrets. The biggest of which is ... there's no real secrets, just make sure you have a good... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at Chez Nous
In my American mind, salsa has always been a Mexican condiment topping tacos, nachos, and chips. The word "salsa" is the Spanish word for "sauce" so I suppose technically, it can describe a simple mixture of chopped vegetables, often with tomatoes as the base, but sometimes with fruits such as... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Chez Nous
Yes, it is, Alice! And I didn't even mention conversations with extended family. So blessed.
Toggle Commented Aug 19, 2015 on Le Weekend | 08 August 17 at Chez Nous
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The weekend in photos ... and a few words ... Did you see that he's holding a baseball in the photo above? I have a large pickle jar full of Ben's significant baseballs ... ones that were game balls, home run balls, etc ... and that jar sits beside the... Continue reading
Posted Aug 18, 2015 at Chez Nous
Thank you, Joan!
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It just makes sense to me! One thing I've noticed about Daniel's recipes is that many steps could be eliminated by using other methods. Given that the book was published in 1999, this is to be expected and I think both he and Dorie would agree with my shortcut!
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Thank you!
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We, meaning "Emily", left the chicken pieces in their full piece. It was delicious.
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I really can't speak to the matchsticking as it was a job Emily took on while I was en route to her kitchen. :) I will say, though, that when I have a recipe that requires that kind of knife work, I put music on or a TV show, or a movie ... and completely get lost in the task. I really do appreciate the process of a recipe. I'm a food nerd!
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If we had eaten it together, our husbands would've made fun of our expressions of appreciation! You KNOW that would've happened! It was so delicious.
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We are fortunate here on the West Coast to still be having strawberries, but I totally understand your reasons for waiting till next year. Fresh is best!
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I know you and I have only tried raw oysters, but these were super awesome! I'm game for all kinds of oyster recipes now!!
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I'm with ya, Martin. I love them raw and there are definitely certain varieties that I wouldn't dare use for this recipe simply because they are so pure in their raw form. However, I've always wanted to try cooked recipes and this one works very well with certain oysters and those Dabobs are an awesome choice.
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When this recipe popped up in the schedule, I was smitten and knew I would break my own rules regarding sugar consumption. I make a Champagne Sabayon with grilled peaches that is one of my favorite desserts so there was no doubt I would love this! The recipe calls for... Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2015 at Chez Nous
I didn't include the time and temp in my post because it really didn't work very well. I did find other websites that talked about it so maybe I'll try again at another time. I had the oven on low, but read elsewhere to put it on medium (so I would suppose about 350) and for 7-8 minutes. Would LOVE to cook with you, Christy!
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I've only had them raw before, but this sounded delicious and I was in the mood to try them cooked for once. Really can't go wrong with butter, shallots, mushrooms, parsley, and wine!
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Daniel has this lovely section of the cookbook called "le voyage" and it's just what you'd think it is ... recipes that aren't French, but are gathered from distant lands. I love that he included this because I think one of the best souvenirs we can bring home is food,... Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2015 at Chez Nous
{I have my friend, Cindy, to thank for my love of oysters. She's a born-and-bred Portland gal and I saved my first taste of oysters for June 2012 to share with her at Elliott's Oyster Bar in Seattle. You can read about it HERE if you care to.} I've recently... Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2015 at Chez Nous
Tarragon hasn't typically been an herb that I love, but I'm finding a new appreciation for it. It was less than a month ago that I posted another salmon recipe with tarragon butter! Today's recipe is rather similar, but includes cucumbers and champagne vinegar. I found the recipe in an... Continue reading
Posted Aug 11, 2015 at Chez Nous
I love that peeler... saves so much time with peeling, and keeps me from heating up the kitchen even more with the boiling water! Thanks for the compliment on the photos!
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I'm glad you enjoyed them, too!
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Ooh yes, love my milkglass! Emily got me hooked on it and I think she's annoyed that she did because I used to only buy it for her and now I also buy for myself! :) The dough I saved, I just put it in the fridge this time because I thought I might bake it up soon, but I think it would be a smart thing to keep cookie dough logs in the freezer in the event you just get a hankering some time! Right?
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This type of recipe ... simple yet a bit fancy ... is right in my wheelhouse. It's perfect for a Sunday dinner, but could be made on a weeknight, too, because it doesn't take very long to make. I suppose in America, we don't eat enough duck for the butchers... Continue reading
Posted Aug 9, 2015 at Chez Nous