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Tammy Kay
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Karigan is getting a real sewing machine. It's super cute and I wish it were mine. She's also getting craft stuff and books. Lillie and Emme are getting an Ikea kitchen that I plan on painting and dressing up. This will be about the 10th kitchen that we have owned since having kids. It would have been worth spending 1000's on those pottery barn kitchens. Seriously! Lots of frozen stuff because they still adore it. Thankfully, they don't watch the movie much anymore. My boys are getting iPods becasue well, they are 13. I seriously cannot believe that I have teens. CRAZY! Aren't I still just 25! How about you? What are you getting your girls? xo.
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Wow! The company Andrew works for has companies in France and Germany, as well as a few places that we would never live. But Andrew would love to live in France if we get the chance. I'm quite afraid that they would laugh this southern girl out of the country! And then with six kids! The thought makes my head spin. So happy for you though. I've always wanted to travel Italy. Who knows, maybe this post will come in handy one day. Keep us updated. It's fun to live through you! Love you!
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Precious! I love the bunnies. You must start buying up Calico Critters for her. You will adore all of them and their cuteness!
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I seriously can't believe how big they are now!
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Karen, believe me I homeschool and half the time I wish I could drop mine off from 7-7 too! lol
this made me cry. like the ugly terrible lump in your throat. and made me so thankful that I get to see my man everyday. Tell Jimmy and yourself thank you for you sacrifice for our country. I don't say it near enough. xo.
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Feb 16, 2012