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My husband and I got my son started gaming in Pre-School with Tsuro since it didn't involve math and the rules were simple enough (we would give him do-overs of course). I bought Zombie Dice at GenCon (the year you were there) and taught him to play it in the airport on the way home. He even took that game to school this year (first grade) for game day. He loves gaming and these quick ones can keep his attention. He even enjoyed watching this video with me and has asked if we can buy Get Bit.
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You look relaxed...and Anne looks happy to have you to herself. I'm glad you got your well deserved vacation :-)
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Hey Anne's birthday is 8/ is my husbands! But his is 8/8/80 which makes him just a tad more awesome (sorry Anne).
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Wil, Have you ever tried allergy shots? I know it takes awhile for the full effect (5 years before you are completely immune to whatever you are allergic to). But within 6 months you are generally on a maintainace dose and whatever you are allergic to should be less. My son is 6 an allergic to the entire state of VA (where we unfortunately live). And when I say the entire state, I mean he's severly allergic to grasses, weeds, pollens, and worse of all is trees (with Oak being the main culprit which fills our yards). His eyes swell shut and he has difficulty breathing. He's been on the shot for a year now and doesn't need his eye drops as frequently, but still needs his nasal spray and antihistimines. His doctor said most people don't need them after the 6 months, but his are so severe that it's just taking longer for him to build his tolorance. Just an idea if you haven't done it yet. ~~TARA~~
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I've read this every year for the past 4 or 5 years (they kind of blend together so I can't remember how long I've been reading your blog). I don't comment very offen, but since you've asked here are my thoughts: This post is a great way to celebrate the 4th and it always reminds me that there are things in our past when we try to act all grown up and just end up screwing up. But the important part is the ending...the family moments that we make as adults when we survive our mistakes. ~~TARA~~
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I wish I could go but it's on the other side of the country :( I would easily spend $100 for this collection. There is so much here that I don't own but would love to have.
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My husband is from Indiana (we live in VA) and convinced me that the perfect one year anniversary getaway/birthday present for him would be a trip to GenCon. So that's where we're heading this year and I'm so excited you're going to be there since I've can't get out to the west coast to see you. Now to the important part-- I hereby challange you to a game of Small World! My husband played it at our local gaming store, he loved it and rented it so that he could bring it home and let me try it. I loved the game, my son loves it (we modify the rules slightly for him since he's only 5). We ended up buying it about three weeks ago and play several times a week. So beware I'm Skellies gotta grow :-) ~~TARA~~
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