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Karl Tatgenhorst
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Very nicely done, I love that he points out that they should expect a difference in the face to face exam interactions and the online interactions
The StealthWatch is a great product for flow analysis, it's good to see it is still actively being improved.
I do not use any "logic" to "justify" my working here. I worked here as a consultant and enjoyed it and enjoyed the industry, so I came on board. I work here because I want to. Thanks for asking.
Maybe if you posted with your name and a link to your resume, he could bring you on board. It's obvious that you would be a game changer.
When creative people are forced to pay more attention to the trivialities such as reputation etc... they lose their comfort. When people are not in their comfort zone they tend not to be as creative and not as able to solve problems. I would think that you would want him to solve his problems and get on with doing business, after all you claim that would financially benefit you. Instead you and others post here and generate tons of links to get traffic and try to manipulate his problems into being unsolvable. This affects the PEOPLE who work there in very real ways. You may not agree with those people, but it's their choice and what you do is harmful to them. Everyone of those people want to produce money at their job. They want to see success and positive relationships, but you try to sabotage that. I know that you can find opportunity all over the place and that you even write up all those opportunity sightings and do a good turn at that. I think you would do better if you focused on more constructive avenues towards your goals and I know we would do better if you did that. I personally hope that you continue to be successful, but I also wish that you would allow us the same courtesy.
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Oct 27, 2010