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Dear Mr Dani Rodrik, It is appreciable that you love your wife and her father. This is also very understandable that as an academician you point the awkwardness of the so said Hammer trial. But, the real democrats and real academicians will never understand: 1 - How can you be so sure that the awkwardness (which is basically due to the fact that the CD's are modified and the scripts are forged) must be created by the prosecutors? Isn't there a 50% chance that this can be as well put in place by the defendants themselves to create blur and disorientation? (as rightly pointed by Mr Etyen Mahcupyam) 2 - Even without these awkward modifications and forgings, there is very strong evidence for a coup organisation such as voice tapes, other generals and some journalists tapes. Why you never elaborate on these? 3 - Again, there are lots of documents found within the army barracks. You can believe that this is again a conspiracy. So why you never question your beliefs and ask yourself why any of these attackers, big and powerful enough to dig tons of documents under the ground of the military barracks, can't find by the army? Why you don't ask why the army does even not investigate these digging action anymore? 4 - How can you be so sure that an army authority who had been retarding Turkish Democracy for 80 years, would miraculously stop this approach at 2003? How? So you believe that this notorious tendency of 80 years has just disappeared with the arrival of good hearted general Cetin Dogan? 5 - How are you going to comment on the obvious non-democratic behaviors of Cetin Dogan during the 28 February process? 6 - Isn't this position of yourself so much opinionated and one-sided for a respectable academician? 7 - I have been rejected from Harvard Business School. If I got there, would you be my Professor? Than we would not be in peace in the class, you and I :) Best regards, Taylan Torin
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Feb 17, 2013