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No this in incorrect. If the DP was so important then the few teams with them would be the ones winning the Cup while other teams lagged behind. It doesn't matter how large the sample is. A DP is supposed to be able to make you better and all anyone is saying is that it has not been proven true. Learn some logic. Philly is going to be just fine building this way. Look at RSL and how good they are this year with no DP's. Did RSL start off fresh out of the box as a top contender? No it took a few years but now they are on of the best teams in MLS.
He was already on a mid tier Dutch team. Why would he go back when he is a staple on a Budesliga team? Gladbach is fine if Blackpool is the best option elsewhere. I'm sure he will get better offers though. MB is awesome.
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Jul 13, 2010