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maybe I'm wrong but, is Chris Clemmons the fastest guy in our defense?, I don't say that we better put he as a spy to beat Chris Johnson, I think is better play a very disipline defense. But who is the fastest in out defense YOu are definitely right in that Clemmons ran the fastest 40 time on the defense. That doesnt always translate into game speed- 30yr old Bell is not even in the same sentence w/a rookie who ran 4.4. Both rookie corners ran around the same like 4.48 and 4.52. Oh yeah, I think Omar is a punk
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I say go after he SUh Nebraska guy, next year make Ferg take league min, then have him finsih gromming solia, and start grooming Suh, then we will be STACKED!!!! at NT. Posted by: josh | December 11, 2009 at 01:26 PM Josh the real problem is that Suh would not translate to the 3-4 NT position. He is much better suited as a DT in the 4-3,or DE in 3-4. Carlito is right that there is no way he lasts to where the phins pick
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Dec 11, 2009