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I really don't like CSS myself, and this is after around 6 years of using it to the degree of 'mastering' it. The problem seems to be more than just the declarative nature (which is useful in the most). Personally I think its completely the wrong way to approach the problem, if we were given something that gave us simple yet powerful aspects we could design all the things that NEW properties are trying to design today, such as drop shadows yadda yadda. Instead, when we want something 'new' we either have to fall back to generating bitmaps externally and dumbly applying them to elements, which is less than ideal and destroys rapid prototyping. Then we have to wait until 'the almight browser gods' decide to firstly, recognize a pattern, attempt to prototype that, sit down with a bunch of other gods, argue over formality, wait for them all to implement that formal spec, then wait for the population to be saturated enough to even use it. vs. say, prototyping that functionality yourself with some primitives in a couple of hours.. dunno, seems to me that a couple of hours is a much better than waiting a couple of years.. perhaps I'm just crazy. This said, css3 does go some way to making this more of a reality, given that it has much more powerful pseudo element creation.
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May 1, 2010