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LOL. The dog is looking at you with a "WTF?!" expression. Enjoy your Kings fun. Bonz, Penguins fan. (I remember many years when they SUCKED).
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"I'm blue, da bi dee, da ba die."
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Insurance companies are crooks. Their hands are out for your money but they will try their best to cheat you if you dare to make a claim. DIAF indeed!
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I've posted this on our Trek news site to get the word out to people. S. Florida, where I live, is home to many Haitians. The country already had its woes; still recovering from a hurricane, poverty, etc. It did not need a 7.0 quake. Bonnie M T'Bonz - TrekBBS/Treknation. (And hello from a fellow Pittsburgher!)
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