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Please spread the word, Wil. We are building an open community around MCT plus other parts of software needed for ops. Takes only about three weeks to build the data adapter plugin. Add views by building plugins. OSGi plugin architecture. Java Swing. Runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows. We want involvement by students, non-profits, commercial companies, large organizations, small organizations,.... We are trying to democratize space. MCT is not restricted to space stuff, either. One student talked about getting his car's GPS data into his computer, then using MCT to watch his car's data.
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If you want to get some feel for what it's like to be a flight controller watching telemetry from Curiosity, download NASA's next-generation mission operations software, Mission Control Technologies (MCT). My team at NASA Ames Research Center recently made it open source and free under the Apache 2.0 license. The demo version can be downloaded and run with no computer knowledge, and does almost everything that the full version does, except save the displays you create. (Sorry, the demo version shows only fake data, though we are working on a plugin to let you see a small amount of real ISS data.) JPL's Curiosity team will not be using MCT initially, because their schedule was ahead of our schedule, but MCT's views are similar to the views of the software that the Curiosity flight controllers are using, so you can get some idea. We have even built the data adapter so MCT can show Curiosity data, and have demonstrated it at JPL. On our web site there is also a three-minute overview video and a Quick Start Guide. Be sure to plug in the example plugins from the Plug Ins page! Find our web site by searching the internet for "NASA open MCT". Also check out our blog, which is linked from our web site.
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Aug 6, 2012