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Tammy Donroe
I am a freelance writer and mother of two with, apparently, too much time on my hands.
Recent Activity
Well, we're off on vacation. As always, I've booby-trapped our home with poison ivy, both inside and out, so steal our junk at your own risk. Before I go, I thought I'd leave you with a quick summer dinner that... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at FOOD ON THE FOOD
We were at my in-laws' down the Cape over the weekend when I was suddenly overcome with the urge to make pie. I'm usually a total sloth once we cross over the Sagamore bridge, burying my nose in various books... Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
I know that snails are bad for gardens, but I was glad I found a couple of them today because there was one for each boy to play with. They built a little habitat out of rocks and twigs in... Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
I hope cherry season isn't over, yet, because you have got to try some of this cobbler! I made it for the Fourth of July, but it would be equally delicious on the Fourteenth of July, say, or even the... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
It may be off-season for the kids, but the school garden is still a-growing. Above is the last of the sugar snap peas. Below, bee balm is in bloom, lilies in the distance. One of many pumpkin plants sown by... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
Here's a book that was made for summer: The Coastal Table. In it are seasonal recipes and beautiful photos from the farms and shores of southern Massachusetts. I met author Karen Covey at the Eat Boutique holiday market in Boston... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
We walked into the orthodontist's office last week to two pieces of good news: 1. The 11YO gets his braces off in three weeks; and 2. I have a pie on the cover of Fine Cooking magazine! The issue was... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
The 8YO and I had the following semi-silent conversation over lunch at the beach the other day: Him: My vegetables are sandy. Do I have to eat the rest? Me: Yes. Him: But the sand… Me: Just eat them. Him:... Continue reading
Posted Jun 27, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
I was cleaning out the 8YO's backpack last week when I came across a big stack of handmade cards. Being a nosy mother, I started flipping through them and discovered that they were for me—for helping his second grade class... Continue reading
Posted Jun 25, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
We went camping in Maine last weekend. Before we left, I stocked up on sausages from Moody's Delicatessen in Waltham: chorizo dulce, bierwurst, cheddar and jalapeño, sweet Italian, and garlic sausages. They were absolutely delicious, especially the chorizo and cheddar... Continue reading
Posted Jun 21, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
Readers, let us now turn to page 109 of your well-worn copy of WINTERSWEET, where you'll find a recipe for Cranberry Torte. Though cranberry season is well behind us, that simple butter cake is easily adapted for summertime fruit like... Continue reading
Posted Jun 16, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
The first few years I was involved with the school garden, I didn't dare plant anything, only watered. Then I took a chance and planted some seeds, which refused to grow. When I poured those same exact seeds into the... Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
Yesterday I went digging around for the canister to my ice cream machine. I always keep it in the freezer in a plastic bag so it's ready for action (my ice cream cravings wait for no one). When I finally... Continue reading
Posted Jun 4, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
If you're anything like me, Memorial Day came and went, and you didn't plant any tomatoes. Then, when you finally got your act together to go buy some—like Sungolds, Cherokee Purples, and Brandywines—you realized that all the local farms already... Continue reading
Posted May 30, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
Remember how I was complaining that a half-dozen college guys moved in next door? And how I was bracing myself for frat parties every night? I don't want to jinx anything, but the school year just ended and not a... Continue reading
Posted May 28, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
I think I've mentioned how much I love rhubarb: rhubarb pie, rhubarb crisp, rhubarb parfaits. I may be a minority on this, but I like my rhubarb to stand alone. However, in the interest of diversity on my blog, I... Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
I was all ready to pack the slow-cooker away to prove that, yes, winter is finally over now that it's May, but then I remembered: We still have another month of baseball and soccer ahead of us. A whole month... Continue reading
Posted May 13, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
Here's a good recipe for chewy granola bars packed with salty peanuts and chocolate chips. I'm not going to claim this is health food despite all the oats and nuts. After all, these bars contain quite a bit of the... Continue reading
Posted May 6, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
This morning, I stumbled downstairs for breakfast to hear the following defiant announcement: 8YO: We are NOT drinking this orange juice. It contains bacteria that's harmful to children. Yesterday I had bought a quart of orange juice from Russo's, fresh-squeezed... Continue reading
Posted May 2, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
A few weeks ago, I found myself with a glut of shiitake mushrooms. A sudden spell of warm weather caused my five logs to flush all at once with these small, rather dry, cracked mushrooms. The next day called for... Continue reading
Posted Apr 29, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
Well hi, long-lost readers! Did you think I disappeared for good? No such luck. This was the post that was supposed to go up last week before we drove down the Cape for Easter, but then things got all biblical... Continue reading
Posted Apr 23, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
I made some bratwurst from Moody's Delicatessen for dinner the other night with braised cabbage and onions. (These cold nights have us still craving winter food in the middle of April.) The 11YO finished his plate and asked for more... Continue reading
Posted Apr 17, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
Wow, it feels so nice to finally get outside and run around. Or, in my case, to rake all the leaves we never raked in the fall. Or, in Husband's case, to deal with the Christmas tree he flung out... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
Local folks, if you haven't had a chance to get down to Moody's Deli & Provisions, you should do so right away. I mean it. Just take exit 26 off 128 (that's one stop north of the Pike) and go... Continue reading
Posted Apr 10, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD
Mushroom season is almost upon us! And without any book events on the horizon, that means there's nothing to stop me from diving face first into the poison ivy. Nothing except my vanity, that is, which is inconsistent at best.... Continue reading
Posted Apr 4, 2014 at FOOD ON THE FOOD