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I apologize for any discomfort or feeling of not being welcome that any of you felt attending any meeting at Beach School. I am aware that many of you may have felt unwelcome while attending meetings. Please know that we at Beach LOVE our parents, and welcome any and all input and support that we can get. I have taught at Beach for over 10 years, and can honestly say, we have an amazing staff, who are sincerely dedicated to making our school one of the top schools in Portland. I simply LOVE the increasing parent involvement that I have seen grow over the last few years! Without our parents, we are weak, no matter how strong our programs and teachers are. I feel your concerns, and ask that you keep up with your input, ask questions, and continue to do all the wonderful things you have done for Beach! I am proud to say I teach at Beach, and that we are one of the most advanced Tech. schools in any K-8 in Oregon. Guess you know who I am now:) I appreciate all that you have done for our school, and the challenges you put before us. You get what you expect is my motto with teaching, and I expect Greatness! As parents, you should expect the same, and if you feel you are not getting it, I say get involved, and let us all work together and build that "community" feeling that will push our school to the next level! While I am not an official "Mama" I hope that my comments are accepted on this forum. I do own a dog? Does that count? Have a great summer and I look forward, along with many of our teachers, to working along side all of you next year!