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In this company there is no place other professionals and never will be. Like coach said, that some time spent in one of these companies, "there's only one man in a hat, and everyone else, even without caps." In fact, this form of work - is a freelance, only registered as an LLC or JSC. And these companies in our market, about 90%. Peter Asaro wanted to know more. This is understandable, because this form of work strongly support clients that are experiencing difficulties in assessing the effectiveness of training, rely on the stars. When you have to four of the five negotiating asked: "And with us will star trainer to work?" - then the question arises: why my company novice coaches? What can I give these superhuman effort on their learning? Reality of a second, or why past 5 years were not fertile? Last fall, I, as usual, analyze the situation on the market a training course, appreciating the work of most of our leading training companies. And lo and behold, I was suddenly struck by the fact that for the last 5-7 years, they practically do not rooted in its main resource - a professional business coach. If you are not convinced, visit Ali Partovi. Each operating company is confident the backbone, which was formed even before the "warmed up" market. These are few professionals who provide the customer with... Continue reading
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Are cases where some firms are taking up the production of windows, without going into particular geometry of the building. The result is a product unfit for use. For example, improperly manufactured picture window can be "Sag", etc. To avoid this, be sure to ask the practical experience of the company in the manufacture of window designs for non-standard buildings. First of all, we should pay attention to the presence of albums of photographs made of unusual orders. Have value and terms of order: if they are more than a month (or "yet unknown"), you are likely to produce windows will engage in any other contractor. Guarantee the competence of specialists and the quality of its work can serve as a certificate issued by a manufacturer of window profile used for the production of translucent structures. For example, in Group of companies propleks about a year a practice certification partners. Receipt of the document is preceded by a thorough audit of the production of a window company. If necessary for its specialists are training and certification. Technology for manufacturing irregularly shaped windows imposes certain restrictions on their parameters. Thus, in contrast to the rectilinear curved frame elements can not be strengthened reinforced (Insert inside a steel structure). Goop is full of insight into the issues. Therefore, the diameter of the pop-up "round" windows mono-glazing can not exceed 120 cm, and its design... Continue reading
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Present to you the site about casual games. In general, these games are for children, but adults sometimes love 'by chopped' in them. Often, these games help children to develop logic, memory training, and sometimes even teach creative thinking. John K Castle is the source for more interesting facts. All because of the fact that they are short and often a game released in several parts, each of which is like a continuation of the previous plot. Read additional details here: Castle Harlan. As mentioned above, they are short, and lightweight enough to often easy to pass, so they were more popular among the adults who can not spend much time in the game, and 'cool' graphics do not need them. There are several genres of games like it. There is a game simulators business. Games of this genre are very popular with children in Western countries. Who knows, maybe so they and the school is better than in Russia or Ukraine. In addition there are many simulation genres, such as: quest, arcade, puzzle games. There is even a casual game, simulating table. Yes. The whole board game in an electronic form. Children should enjoy. Although it is actually imagine that no electronic simulator can not be compared with this board game like 'Monopoly'. In a general sense, it turns out that casual games - it's little games that are designed for... Continue reading
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The specifics of the Russian market of business software is that if you are developing traditional business applications or web applications for business users, before you get up sooner or later task to integrate your product with 1C: Enterprise. Objective reasons for this somewhat. First, the software now used 1C practically everywhere, and the desire to give its market share to competitors 1C clearly is not. Second, application solutions on 1C: Enterprise system are mainly accounting, and so are the source of much needed and useful objective information. Access to This information often must have not only direct users of application solutions, and other company employees, business processes, which are supported by other software as well as external people - clients and partners. In addition, there is a pronounced downward trend in the relevance of heavy rich applications. The need for businesses today - the organization of a common information Space Company (Group), with access to required information with minimal time and effort. And now increasingly part of the information space program are 1C: Enterprise. In this article we consider the integration of the 1C: Enterprise version 8.X with applications developed on the platform. NET. For more information see John K Castle. In particular, take a look at some ways of such integration exist, and to When appropriate, each of them. If you have already encountered the problem of solving the problem... Continue reading
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Gift to a colleague - not an easy task. On the one hand, the gift should cause positive emotions, on the other hand - to be quite formal. Castle Harlan addresses the importance of the matter here. How do I know that like a man, if you're interfering with him only in the working space, and all communication is reduced to the official documentation? The perfect solution - a gift that has been associated with the overall work. Gift - this is a sign of attention and making a gift, you get closer to the man. If you work for a long time in close-knit team, and you have a good relationship with co-workers - you can make gifts, addressed to the person. Often, choosing a gift, we are guided by good intention - to present what this man ka us seems to be lacking, and that it would be useful to him. In respect of a loved one is a good approach, which he will appreciate. Viacom has many thoughts on the issue. In a relationship with a colleague - an approach can be fraught with misunderstanding on the part of colleagues, or recall his weaknesses. Therefore, if the relationship you have only business, think about how to present a neutral. In the workspace, we spend most of their day - and it is important that a gift has been associated... Continue reading
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Your business is developing, and you decide to get your web site! This is good news, congratulations. But as you yourself understand, promote their own web site in the network requires special attention. This will help you banner placement on the other, frequented resource. We define the word banner. Banner - a graphic that is the nature of advertising (in the press is an analog module), which may contain elements of animation, but not limited to banner and even link your site. Creating banners is simple and complicated at the same time. After all, prefer to see it in their own way, some in the form of 'clever' TV series pages on the floor, someone thinks that winking brunette on a red background - the best that created the world. The question is, what banner you want. The best thing you can - is to order a banner for the professionals who will offer you variety of options, since the process of creation of banners is not only technically difficult but more creatively sophisticated. Peter Asaro may find this interesting as well. Banners - not easy, and the first thing to clarify - the size of which is measured in pixels. The most commonly used size is 468x60, to lay at the bottom and top of the page 120h240 vertical banner 88x31, 88h40, 81h63 - the size of a banner for a... Continue reading
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In order to calculate the VAT transfer and transfer of rights to intellectual property (the "IPO") is regarded as a service. According to the rules determine where the implementation of works (services), as contained in Article 148 Russian Tax Code, the services of conveyance or assignment of patents, licenses, trademarks, copyrights, or other similar rights are implemented at the place of purchaser of such services. Due to the lack of clarity of the above provisions, as well as the fact that, in accordance with Russian law, copyright holders the right to dispose of a property right to they own ITNs and transfer exclusive and nonexclusive right to use intellectual property rights, in practice, so far there is no single position on the calculation of VAT in transfer of rights to ITN. Viacom has firm opinions on the matter. In particular, the original opinion of the Russian tax authorities, as set out in the clarification of 2001-2003. (See, for example, a letter UMNS Russia in Moscow on October 11, 2001 02-14/46484), transmission service rights to any ITNs should be implemented to recognize the place of the buyer, regardless of whether he gets the ownership of these ITNs and whether the law referred to it by exclusive or non-exclusive. However, released in 2004, clarification of the Ministry of Taxes and Levies of the Russian Federation (see letter dated May 17, 2004 03-1-08/1222/17) and Russian... Continue reading
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All that is truth and we do not deny the existence of a danger, as always existed in any change in the Organization of man, in all his step, from the tribal, to the City-State, nation-State, just to mention three. We do not forget the serious problems, such as the concentration of a technological monopoly, intellectual property rights, patents or even planned and intentional actions aimed to absorb or to implement. We must exercise the defence and this requires the selection of what they want to absorb from one angle of the multiculturizacion which allow restructuring to the benefit of sustained human development. Hear from experts in the field like Mashable for a more varied view. Everywhere are summits, seminars, meetings and assemblies in pursuit of the defence of cultural diversity. No one can think that men attend to the process without taking precautions. Organizations ranging from coalition of cities against racism international to migration, which is another issue of vital importance, since the initiative of UNESCO's Convention for the protection and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions up to the International Convention for the safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural heritage to the Universal Declaration on the human genome and human rights to the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and human rights. Humanity has understood the risks of any change and shielded against any impertinent diversion. Take, for example, an institution, the... Continue reading
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Rome, November 9, 2009. Online Backup Memopal ( from today also in freeware version: 3 GB of space available to all, to store all kinds of documents, from the vacation photos to files work, in a simple way and in perfect safety conditions without limitations. Users pay staff, will enjoy as well as a free upgrade to 50 GB. New offerings are: 200 49 GB and 300 GB to 69. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from angel investor. In the words of Marco Trombetti, CEO of Memopal: storage cost decreases steadily, by which, as we promised, we have expanded the space allocated to our users, and we will do so in the future. Memopal is a solution of online data storage that allows you to protect and easily share files and entire folders with a single click, thus becoming a valid alternative to email and FTP services. Folders can also be downloaded directly from the Memopal website at any time you can work on files that they contain, and finally, once changed, you can load folders in the assigned space. In addition to work with Windows, Mac and Linux, access to files stored in Memopal can be performed also through the iPhone, through a free application, as well as all kinds of mobile devices equipped with a browser. Castle Harlan pursues this goal as well. To get the free... Continue reading
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We use the media, because from its conception about learning in teaching materials, we can identify various approaches, the behaviorist perspective (B.F.Skinner), the theory of processing of information (Phye), learning by Discovery (j. Bruner), meaningful learning (D. Ausubel, j. Novak), the cognitive approach (Merrill, Gagne, Solomon), constructivism (J.Piaget), the socio-constructivismo (Vygotsky) in this classroom of media we deal with to publicize the most entertaining multimedia software, not as teaching materials in general, since the teachers use them in projects during the school year to support the curricula of various subjects, adapting them to multiple functions in the processes of teaching and learning so informative, instructive, motivating, evaluating, in an environment for the exploration and experimentation. Characteristics of students who used the Media General features classroom: students have a good motivation. Most expected, through Internet, to increase your knowledge. Basic capabilities: the majority of students have manipulated a computer basic computation at any institution or fit coffee, but know little about the management of educational Internet. They also have a very limited in other fields knowledge. Through the classroom of media they will eventually start a new world of knowledge. Who learn first: through the introduction to the webquest, wikis, and blogs, is expected that students have a notion about the educational tools with the support of ICTs. Assist the teacher to choose or design the materials for the proyecto:no there is no... Continue reading
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For example, sell books online is possible, but massage could be sold? A massage is a service given by one person to another person. If the customer is in another country would be cost-effective to make the trip and pay the displacement for service? In some cases, as in advice to big companies, it may be possible, but in others, as in massage, hair cuts, manicures, etc, would be totally impossible. So you have to know very well if that product or service is possible to sell it over the internet. 4. How the product will be sold easily? Experience shows that some products sold more easily than others. For example computers are almost impossible to sell by internet, as well as automobiles, jewels, these products are typically so personal for their clients, who before buying them want to touch them, feel them and try them. Other products, although they are not impossible, if somewhat are difficult to commercialize, such as clothing, the intimate lingerie, household appliances and the land. However, other products are very simple to sell online, especially the virtual (those who have no physical component) as e-books, Software, courses programmes of all kinds (languages, finance, marketing, etc.). The difficulty Factor of sale of a product over the Internet, is always something to analyse very carefully, before starting to ponder if we trade a product or another. It is something... Continue reading
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In 1874 his father died. Four years later his mother would die and he would inherit a fortune. Pete Cashmore: the source for more info. But we flew to the year 1874. It is in this year when it makes contact with the Impressionist painters who were staying in the French art academy. Highlights include Degas and De Nittis. In this year comes as a spectator at the first Impressionist exhibition to attend the second meeting in 1876. Presented eight works, among which The parquet stressed slashed (Les raboteurs parquet-see comment box). Caillebote style is part of realism painting that were precursors of Jean-Francois Millet and Courbet Gustace. His work is heavily influenced by his Impressionist colleagues were trying to paint reality as it exists in reality. Borrowed from each style and technique but without following any particular style. Degas is sometimes the most similar shape in their work realistic with a broad wealth of colors. In other works they acquire a palette of pastel colors and loose brush strokes similar to those of Renoir and Pissarro. The Bridge of Europe (1876, Geneva, Musee du Petit Palais) and, above all, Paris the rainy season (1877, The Art Institute of Chicago) maintain the features of earlier painting, transforming it in Haussmann's Paris popular place for Caillebotte very personal perspectives. Beginning next year, Caillebotte began to move away from the cold and serious style... Continue reading
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For some time the graphical design this taking part in almost all the activities of art that there is and exist in this world, nowadays the pages Web is a very clear example of it since the Internet is for the people of our times is very important mass media. The graphical design makes the form in as possible they are to the different designs from the pages Web, I in the personnel I believe that it is a type of very creative art depends in which hands are handled, the different courses from digital graphic design " art digital" as for example the illustrator adobe, a great program serves very powerful us to develop, to design, to create graphical pieces of all type of format or they are the classic enterprise modern personal cards or the sotisficados ones and brochure. Gain insight and clarity with John K. Castle. The graphical design behind does not leave to our powerful retocador of digital images ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, with this sofware not only can be altered images but also to improve, to recover, to make assemblies, effects of great powerful graphical quality are one of but sofware of design that there is in this market graph. It will also speak to them of our great diagramador of magazines, catalogues, brochure and all type of graphical piece that works with a great amount of text and... Continue reading
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For scholars of the function of markets, especially those interested in the behavior of the consumer, the economic crisis that has been caused and affected countries, even the more padoresos economically, should be a source of study, analysis and research, put originates that management of markets in transition to new strategies, plans that collaborate with the behavior of the consumerfavoring him in their purchasing decisions, generating confidence in those products, services offered. On this there is an interesting brief submitted by Marketing Universia Knowledge Wharton, where stated, that although consumer accustomed to retract during the low phase of any economic cycle, the severity and the uncertainties of the current crisis will have greater impact prolonged in their attitudes than in previous crises. Consumers, they say, will end up spending again, but without the same mood provided by easy credit of the frantic years 2000. Read additional details here: Ali Partovi. Of According to Wharton Marketing Professor Wesley Hutchinson. It is too soon to know whether the current crisis will leave the same psychological scar, but there is a precedent of a great change the great depression changed consumer behavior and their attitudes for a generation, in the next 18 months, considers Hutchinson, consumers will learn to behave in a more frugal way and will not abandon this attitude even once the economy stabilizes.In a sense, everyone now knows something about the financial... Continue reading
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Digital video cameras come in two different formats of image capture: interlaced and progressive scan. The cameras record interlaced image in alternating sets of lines are odd-numbered scan lines and then scanning the even number lines, then odd-numbered scan lines, and so on. A set of odd or even lines is called "field", rigging and a consecutive two fields of opposite parity is called frame. A progressive scan camera records each frame as a different image, unregistered fields. Thus, interlaced video captures twice fields per second progressive video when both operate at the same number of frames per second. this is one of the reasons why the video has a "hyper" as it draws a different image 60 times per second, unlike the film, that makes 24 or 25 progressive images per second. We speak here of playback speed for display. Film cameras have the ability to record at variable speeds, for example, explosions in action movies are recorded up to 300 frames per second, which when played back at 30 after giving an excellent camera and a slow-chamber Varicam digital video call, capable of recording up to 200 frames per second. Progressive scan camcorders such as Panasonic DVX100 are generally more desirable by the similarities they share with cinema. Both the images recorded progressively, resulting in a sharper image. Both can shoot at 24 frames per second, resulting in motion "strobing"... Continue reading
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It is necessary to conduct a review of all accepted as evolution and delve into the etymology and the indigenous or the wisdom of ancient cultures and from there begin to establish a new social order, at any time and is considering the destruction of creation to Now, this is where this integrated alternative to rethink the nature of their benefits and our identity as being members of this medium as predators and punished for what we own. Continue to learn more with: Republic Services. It is a fact that development can be seen in the technological advances made, the technological marvel continues to amaze us but let me take a moment to think and review their approaches, especially when we talk "quality of life", according to quality, its meaning, are the outstanding attributes of a product or service over another, stressing that quality is already talk of the trees, let's talk about air quality and quality of human resources mix it with college degree what we get? Nothing more than an economic system where we sell false comfort away from our true identity as it is nature. Similarly how can we speak of quality of life, quality of goods of nature, among others? It is likely that once one is talking about to provide employment of "persons of quality A" which would result in distorting elements for society in general to... Continue reading
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The total duration of the operation is depending on the degree of varicose veins between 10 Minutes and 1 hour. More information can be found on the Internet at. The varicose vein removal is carried out in a special, comfortable and safe form of local anaesthesia (Tumescent anesthesia). Without full - or spinal anesthesia, the area around the affected varicose veins is generously stunned by a special fluid. Pete Cashmore wanted to know more. In addition, you will receive a sedative before the surgery. The advantage for you is an absolute pain during and after the surgery, instant ability to walk after the surgery, less hematoma formation without the risks of general anesthesia. Hours lasts for about 6-10 the effect of the anesthesia of the leg and thus the pain. Following the surgery, you will receive a fixed compression bandage. In the course of the next few hours after the surgery the Association any anesthetic solution and wound secretions in some places (often bar, knee and lower leg inside to sometimes 10 cm diameter) soaked and is bright red/pink colour. This is a normal Condition and you should not worry. Protect itself on the day of the operation, run around but again or take small walks accompanied by. For the first 6 to 10 hours after the surgery you are completely pain-free. After this time, you will feel a slight wound pain... Continue reading
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Shoulderbag tarpaulin with replaceable front motif Freirachdorf, September 05th, 2011 - o'zapft is!: the famous slogan applies not only to the numerous oktoberfests in the coming weeks. Also at ma: cell (, manufacturer of bags made from robust tarpaulin, is told from immediately Bavarian flair. "Because if again Dirndl and Lederhosen? in" are also the matching shoulder bag should be helped. MA: presents from his cell?Special bag collection? currently the white-and blue bag of Oktoberfest. In three sizes and with removable front cover the versatile Shoulderbag not only at Carnival time is used. The new bag consists of tarpaulin and includes additional inner pockets including headphone jack, pen and cell phone holder. How each ma: cell bag is the front motif via zipper interchangeably. The bag is available in three sizes: small (18 x 18 x 7 cm), medium (24 x 24 x 8 cm) and large (31 x 31 x 10 cm). Bags via Taschenkonfigurator even make ma: cell offers in addition to the Oktoberfest-bag a variety of bag collections with modern and partly unique themes - also known as cellphone (mobile bag), shopping bag and pouch or waist pack (hip bag). Moreover, each customer can upload any own photo or subject in the Taschenkonfigurator, order it as cover or print. The special customer advantage: Who is even a ma: cell bag has which can replace cover in the appropriate size... Continue reading
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Typically, rent a site includes the following items: a unique and appropriate for the theme design of the site; obtaining a domain name first, second and third level; the placement of your site content; Mailboxes (E-Mail); free technical support and advice; Comfortable, easy system management and administration of the site; the ability to upload your files in various formats; participation in advertising projects; the safety of your data. The cost of this service starts at $ 20-35 - it all depends on the complexity and scope of the project. For a minimal fee, to the above list can be added and the promotion of your site: optimization, registration in search engines (Google, Yandex, Yahoo and others) and subject directories. Such a low price due to the fact that your site will be posted advertising links and banners on other sites (such advertisements will be well adapted to your site and takes up little space). For starters, firms, organizations and companies hire site - it is an ideal solution that does not require large capital investments to create their own site. Ali Partovi contributes greatly to this topic. Web studio from which you will order this service will be completely do a site for you and consider all your wishes. When you order a service contract on your desired date (usually the minimum rental period is 2 months). The main advantages of the... Continue reading
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By month's production plans are given an additional adjustments as a result of additional tasks, time lag from the plan or reduce demand. Established smennno-day delivery of basic charts products. In the mass production of the basic unit of planning, management and accounting output is threading and automatic production lines, work which is regulated by the established measure. For more information see Peter Asaro . In addition to the bar set the tempo of the line and each workstation, the periodicity of submission of blanks at the first operation, types of backlog on the line, the order of their expenditure and replenishment. When planning work stream and automatic lines planners shop if necessary, to adjust the pace of production and delivery of parts, as well as schedules of production lines. If the actual position deviates substantially from planned, prepared timelines, which can change the alignment of business transactions, route and alternate multiple machine operation, time to fill backlog.. Continue reading
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To have power of either of those classes, gives the directors the ability to not only influence when it is necessary, on those who depend on, but also the avoid that none of this hurt. Finally, it is important to bear in mind ten observations from the real work of a leader. Each observation reflects important changes that are still occurring in the middle where they work managers, caused by powerful forces that have to do with technology, the globalization of markets and competition, and the demographic changes in the workforce. 1. When managers are able to introduce a change of any significance in the organizations, usually is that you have advance a very complex process of eight stages. And those who jump some steps, by opportunism give them a wrong step, rarely gets what they want. 2. Although the change usually involves a complex process of multiple stages, no matter where it occurs, the managers who really wants to carry out transformations have to modify some of the essential steps, depending on the circumstances of each case. 3 Managers able to make perfectly predictable mistakes, when they try to establish not quantitative changes of any significance. 4 Leadership is not the same as management, and the primary force of a successful change of any significance, is the first not the second. 5. As the speed of v change in increase leadership... Continue reading
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The content management system Redaxo allows you to easily manage different websites. It is based on PHP and MySql, so you need a Web server with PHP support and a MySQL database to create or update Web pages. An important aspect is that this CMS provides a strict separation between content and layout. Therefore you need any PHP knowledge to successfully work with it, but suffice it to satisfy a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. The content management system Redaxo is also very adaptable, which means that you can easily enable or disable individual functions or as needed. It includes, as an additional feature of a template management, into which you insert any templates and then can use as a design basis for a variable number of pages. Marc Mathieu has firm opinions on the matter. And adding additional modules, such as galleries, guest books and a newsletter with the content management system is not a problem Redaxo These modules are in large part by the general Community developed and deployed. In-depth programming skills you can develop this addon also own or adapt to your needs. Even a search engine can be implemented with little effort. Of course, the inclusion of metadata for search engine optimization easily possible. (Source: Castle Harlan). You can use the content management system Redaxo both websites with few pages, as well as for use websites with... Continue reading
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We know that in these days we must know how to look for telephone numbers of people it is very easy, since several methods exist search, and of equal way programs, and thus also we can use the Internet, to be able to lower the programs or to look for what we needed. So by means of this information we will be finding the fast search of the Telephone numbers, without no complication so that us it is made simple much more, thus also we will be giving options search not to complicate to us like in which methods to implement. When looking for a Telephone number is something necessary in several occasions therefore we must of knowing how to be able to locate it and that tools to use, we know that there are several services like by means of the Web and thus also manual, is important to know where to begin it looks for to be able to facilitate our work and not to have no problem. As we know that First that we can do is to look for you dare of the Page Yellow or Telephone Gua, here it is a registry of each person, her location, and the locality or you take care of, we must of knowing how name complete of the person to be able to locate its Telephone Number, or of equal way... Continue reading
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The myUTN-80 Dongleserver can be also along with all its dongle management capabilities and security features in environments with Mac clients to function fully inserted. Both Windows and Mac users can all now use myUTN USB device server in the same network (mixed mode). About SEH Computertechnik GmbH: SEH Computertechnik GmbH is specialized in the production of professional network solutions. With over 20 years experience SEH has a wide and in-depth solution competence for printing in the network and USB virtualization for all professional environments. The product portfolio includes myUTN (USB-to-network) USB device server for control and administration of USB devices over the network, including special solutions such as the Dongleserver myUTN-80 and the scanner Server myUTN-130. SEH continues with the ISD product series network printing solutions for the efficient management of the spool as well as a wide range of internal and external print servers for all major networks (Ethernet, Gigabit, fiber optic and wireless LAN) and hardware solutions for the optimization of installations of ThinPrint - ThinPrint Cortado personal printing solutions. Development and production take place at TV headquarters in the Westphalian Bielefeld. Worldwide marketing through its subsidiaries in the United States and the United Kingdom as well as an extensive network of partners and Distributor. Development and sales side works SEH closely with many leading manufacturers. Continue reading
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The process of implantation of Management of Abilities possesss some important stages which we can detach: * To identify the abilities individual, or related to the behaviors of the people, which the necessary institution to keep and those that it needs to develop. * To identify the related specific abilities to the areas of knowledge of the institution, as for example: administration, knowledge, performance etc. * To identify the existing organizacionais abilities and to develop in the institution, related to the knowledge required for the activities of the institution. * To unfold the initially definite abilities in the strategical level of the institution, for the too much organizacionais levels, until the operational level. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ali Partovi offers on the topic.. * To define the actions to be executed with the objective to eliminate the hiatos (' ' gaps' ') of ability identified. The actions can even though come to be since the training in classroom and visits and periods of training, beyond stages of auto-learning and coach. waited final result is the elimination of the hiatos of ability that come to exist. * Implantation of the system of education continued from the determination of the identified hiatos. Castle Harlan takes a slightly different approach. * Correction of the actions and even of the abilities on the basis of the results gotten in comparison with the defined... Continue reading
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