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100% agreed about life-lists -- especially your closing sentence -- but I thought it odd, as a fellow geek, how this juxtaposes to the incredible, amazing importance of bug/issue/feature databases, which are really just an institutional to-do list. No big point, I just thought it was interesting enough to share.
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Tom DeMarco has a great book on this subject: _Slack_ (NADA.) It's thin -- 200 pages-ish -- and I typically keep a few copies around to give to people who "need" them. I'd offer you one, but you strike me as the kind of guy who might do the same thing. Still, ping me if you want me to send you one. :)
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"Well, first off, it's incredibly strange that the first sample – encoded at a mere 160kbps – does better on average than everything else. I think it's got to be bias from appearing first in the list of audio samples. It's kind of an outlier here for no good reason, so we have to almost throw it out." You probably know this, now, but it's fairly common in this sort of "blind taste test" thing to not always offer the same product 1st, to "shuffle the deck" between survey takers. Even for in-person tests, there's a bias if you always serve the Coke first, then the Pepsi, or vice versa.
A little humor for the day: On the subject of "long enough" passwords, saw this over at
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I recently started something like this. I've always loved stair climbers, and do bought one and try to use it nearly every day. The trick is to "waste time" while climbing, so the minutes just fly by. Playing civilization or uniwar on the iPad, or surfing the web (blog reading!) are great for this. All of a sudden, it's like "ding!" whoop?! My 45 minutes are up?!?! Catch up on email during my cool-down, hit the showers and come out with a brain full of oxygen and get to work. It's GREAT!
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Aug 14, 2010