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It's so cool that you & Felicia Day are working together on Eureka. I adore The Guild and Fawkes is my favorite character (really, I'm not just saying that because I'm on your blog -- he totally makes me laugh). I've never watched Eureka, but clearly I need to put it on my list. I guess Netflix has been suggesting it to me for a reason. :-)
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I was trying to sleep last night and I could not stop thinking about your experience and how wrong it was. And I have two suggestions that I hope will be helpful. 1) When you see a lawyer, ask his opinion on a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. You are NOT the only one who has been molested by the TSA -- there are plenty of stories on the net and plenty of people who haven't come forward with their experiences. Many of those people don't understand their rights, or don't have money for a lawyer, or simply don't want to buck the system -- they want to move on and try to forget. I suspect they'd be more than willing to join a class action suit. I remember reading a figure on the number of formal complaints against the TSA since all this started -- I want to say it was around 9,000. But the government is used to complaints and is good at ignoring them. Get thousands of people together for a lawsuit and I think you'll get their attention. 2) This is probably the weaker of the two options, although I'm sure it's easier. Start a petition to disband the TSA and replace it with a competent private organization. Between your Twitter network and those of your colleagues (Felicia Day, Christian Kane, etc etc), you should have no problem getting 2 million signatures right off the bat. And if those people all pass the word along, who knows how many people would sign? It's not as attention-getting as a lawsuit, but I still think it would send a wake-up call to the government that they need to act on this problem. I hate feeling so helpless about this issue. I think until people stand up en masse and make a fuss, the government is going to continue to believe that any issues with the TSA are simply isolated incidents and they're going to ignore the problem. A regular person like me has virtually no power to force change. You have a huge audience who listens to you and friends with similar followings. I really feel like you can make a difference for this issue by rallying all the regular people so we can be heard. I hope some positive change will come out of what happened to you. I'm so tired of feeling like the government only cares about my tax money. I'm tired of being ignored and abused. I know we can't hope to change everything, but if we can make a difference on this issue, it would give me hope that our country isn't broken beyond all fixing.
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I used the White House website to send 2 emails about the change in the TSA. Each time I cited specific studies and articles that state that the scanners currently used by the TSA are NOT effective at preventing terrorism. I asked why we're relying on tech that's been proven not to be effective and is a potential health risk. Both times, I checked off the option box stating that I wanted a reply to my message. Even though I sent my first message in November, I have yet to receive a response. I'm afraid to fly at this point. I have a genetically high risk of skin cancer so I'm not about to agree to their scanners -- which leaves me the option of being groped. I've read plenty of stories about young women traveling alone being singled out for extra screenings. I've read accounts of women who were subjected to what was absolutely sexual assault at the hands of the TSA. I feel like if I opt to board an aircraft, there's a good chance I could be targeted, and I will go to almost any length necessary to avoid it. (Case in point, I'm probably going to cancel my upcoming vacation, even though I've already registered to attend a conference in another state. It's an 11 hour drive for me and I can't take the extra time off to travel by car.) I can't believe our country has come to this -- that a division of our government is given free rein to abuse citizens with the lie that they're making us safe. Groping innocent citizens isn't making us safe. Targeting young women, attractive women, UNDERAGE women -- that isn't making us safe. Stroking women's bare faces is not making us safe. All they're doing is stripping away our rights and our dignity. The fact that our leaders care so little about our rights and our feelings makes me despair for the future of our country. And it makes me very sad to be an American.
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Apr 6, 2011