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@downintexas "lucky MLS Cup by going through the "weaker" conference"??? Just so we're clear, they also went through the best team the Western Conference could throw at 'em. Here's your tissue FCD fan. With that said, props to KC. It would have been nice to see the Rapids play the series with a full squad though.
No more crazy than last year, when all the best teams were in the Western Conference. I hope the Rapids roll through the East, if for no other reason than to debunk Garber's "new and improved" playoff system.
Why are conferences a good idea again?
Thug-ball? I'll bet you the Rapids committed less fouls than your club in 2011. Oh, and watch out! The Irishman with the neck tattoo? Yeah, he mugs grannies in his spare time.
Wrong. It took him exactly 33 years to break his first leg. At this rate, he's not due to break another one until two days before his 66th birthday. Patience grasshopper.
Comminges has been great. Is it just me, or does he always have the same expression a boxer has after they've been hit with a massive uppercut?
Didn't really want to read your long post, but I'm glad I did. If for no other reason than to stop me from writing a long post myself with the same analysis. Well done Benjamin. My hat is off.
What you said.
Except that Castillo was pretty worthless every time he came into the attack. Not gonna write him off, but that was a pretty rough outing for him last night.
Ha Ha. Hilarious.
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Sep 3, 2011