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Its all about safety. I did the same thing as a child, going door-to-door. There would always be one "creepy guy" that we avoided but that was the extent of it. Its far different today; people act on their impulses and nobody wants our children to suffer for it. Adults rarely go door-to-door anymore either. Savvy adults won't open the door to a stranger. There has to be other ways of teaching our children appropriate social skills.
Absolutely true every one of your examples! We would eat breakfast (Cap'n Crunch 1 bowl) and then be gone ALL DAY. No cell phone. No Ipod. No money. And when we lived in Hawaii, no shoes. We would have to be home before the street lights came on so gradually we all filtered back to our home bases safe and sound to eat dinner. Exploring abandoned bomb shelters and abandoned Navy housing, sneaking onto the base through the NCO Club kitchen, entering restricted areas trying to not be seen. Typical kid stuff. It was great. My 5 boys, born in the 80's, did not have that same type of freedom. Too many pervs. Too much danger from other people who think a child is something to be targeted. They still had fun playgrounds though since the Playground Police had just barely begun to have their wicked way. I'm wondering if the baby boomers are the last generation to have experienced nearly unfettered childhood freedom.
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Jan 21, 2012