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@Paul Crawley on evidence of absence. I take your point, but it's a point about probability not absolute certainty. I admit the paraphrase is not applicable to many subjects that can be approached rationally, but what my point was trying to be is this: human ignorance is massively, if not infinitely deeper than our knowledge, though that knowledge is growing through scientific examination and open-minded consideration of possibilities. Of course it's true that many religious claims are proven false by scientific inquiry, but to dismiss any possibility other than physical processes driven by random chance is highly premature and comes across as arrogance, even to someone like me, who isn't at all theistic or religious or suspicious of science.
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I really like this article and I especially agree with your observation that scientific solutions to life's mysteries "enhance" them rather than eliminate them and that no area of inquiry should be off limits. The only place I disagreed was with the statement that overwhelming evidence indicates that "the physical, natural world is all there is". This bothers me simply because its tone seems to overstate the actual scientific knowledge of the nature of reality itself, time and the nature of conscious awareness. I'm agnostic myself, and, like yourself, willing to become gnostic, but, to paraphrase someone, 'absence of evidence is not the same thing as evidence of absence.'
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Feb 13, 2010