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Lexie Smith
saved by grace. teacher - not just by profession but by being, former public ISD school teacher, former homeschool teacher, current 4th grade charter school teacher, anytime teacher/mom of five, owner, blog starter, social media student, married to a musician/writer posing as a CPA
Interests: (in uncapitalized random order) texas, words, twenty one pilots, u2, jimmy fallon, college mascots, seinfeld, new order, galaga, making lists, reading, scrapbooking, my husband, my children, boundaries, band of brothers (movie and book), steve taylor, toy story 2, march madness baby!, talking w/my friends, purpose driven life, whack a mole, yanni (really.), ramona books, making spreadsheets, reading rainbow, all nighters on the computer or scrapbooking, yada, yada...
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Seed School Nickname Costumed Mascot(s) Other Mascot Info or News 9 Wisconsin Badgers Buckingham U. (Bucky) Badger Bucky Badger's Bio vs 4 Florida Gators Albert 2015 New Costumes & Alberta 3 Baylor Bears Bruiser Squad Goals vs 7 South Carolina Gamecocks Cocky USC Gamecocks Costume History Seed School Nickname Costumed Mascot(s) Other Mascot Info or News 1 Gonzaga Bulldogs ('Zags) Spike 2010 Spike Through the Years vs 4 W. Virginia... Continue reading
Seed School Nickname Costumed Mascot(s) Other Mascot Info or News 1 Villanova Wildcats Will D. Cat 2016 Will D. Cat UCA Nationals Tape vs 8 Wisconsin Badgers Buckingham U. (Bucky) Badger Bucky Badger's Bio 5 Virginia Cavaliers Cavman Cavman, work on your online profile. vs 4 Florida Gators Albert 2015 New Costumes & Alberta 11 USC Trojans Tommy Trojan Tommy lacks social media presence. vs 3 Baylor Bears Bruiser Squad... Continue reading
March Madness mascot list with extra info links. Woohoo! Continue reading
On April 19, 2005 I wrote my first blog post. My last post, before this one, was on March 17, 2016. These are the lifetime stats for my blog, per Typepad as of today, 11/22/16: 52175 Lifetime Pageviews 12.32 Pageviews/Day 521 Total Posts 824 Total Comments My most popular post, even in my blog's dormancy, is a post about toilet paper roll size comparisons from 2011 when we had toilet paper day at our house. The last few years I've barely posted, but I can't give it up. The $15 per month to Tyeppad is like a storage building for... Continue reading
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Mar 25, 2016
Around my house March means basketball. It's my staycation. I hole up in my house, as much as possible, for the first week of March Madness. This year a commercial captures the essence of MM for me. However, my kids are seasoned March Madness bystanders, so they know, for the most part, that I'm unavailable. (The 7-year-old needed a refresher this week, but I think she's got it now.) Here's the commercial: Continue reading
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Alphabetical list of 2016 March Madness Mascots Continue reading
The last First Four game is #11 Michigan's nothin' vs. #11 Tulsa's Captain Cane. Obviously, based on actual mascots that attend games, etc., Michigan would not even be in the bracket. They have a nickname, but no physical representation of that nickname like other schools do. They have done okay without one. Captain Cane's Twitter is dormant since 2012, but you can check out the Tulsa Athletic Twitter for some... Continue reading
The second night of the First Four starts with #16 Ignatius T. Crusader (aka Iggy) vs. #16 Lacumba (means "heart of Africa") the jaguar. If you're going just by mascot, Iggy has a sword, shield, and helmet, which could give him the edge over Lacumba. However, don't underestimate her. That's right. Her. Tweet them @IggyCrusader or @SouthernU_BR Continue reading
At some point, I'll add some style to this substance. Until then, here's a basic list of all the costumed mascots for the 2016 NCAA Men's D1 Basketball Tournament. Unless it says otherwise, the mascots match the nickname of the team. For example, Sparty is a Spartan. Some are a bit trickier because you can't always identify a mascot by the team name. Speaking of style, the Washington Post has... Continue reading
The second game of the tourney pits #11 Vanderbilt's Mr. Commodore, a naval officer, against #11 Wichita State's WuShock, a shock (bundle), of wheat. These two are working Twitter with trash talk that inspires hope of a halftime dance-off. Dance off at half time, winner take all? #moveslikejagger — Mr. Commodore (@MrCommodoreVU) March 14, 2016 WuShock also had a nice take on an oft-heard joke: Looking forward to facing... Continue reading
The first game of the tourney* pits a blue horse against an eagle whose name means blue. #16 Fairleigh Dickinson Knights (as in chess pieces) vs. #16 Florida Gulf Coast Eagles (Yep. Two #16s.) Follow them on Twitter @TheRealKnightro and @AzulTheEagle. *First game depends on if you think the tourney starts on Tuesday or Thursday. I lean towards Thursday, but am such a fan of the tourney I'll blog about... Continue reading
Yep, it's a list of lists. The pros have posted some mascot lists SB Nation's most delicious mascots. Yes, they talk about eating the mascots, a clever, albeit a bit disturbing, take on the creepiest, weirdest, etc. lists that usually circulate this time of year. USA Today ranked the teams by mascot, loosely on how menacing they are. It's a bit sparse on analysis, but does have some good visuals.... Continue reading
While I finalize the 2016 mascot list, take a look at the 2016 March Madness emoji (appropriately made into campaign buttons) by Julia Heffernan for the Washington Post. The Wall Street Journal also has a quick way to fill out your bracket with their Madness Machine. You select the factors to consider (offense, defense, etc.) and the machine generates your bracket. Next year they need to add mascot and team... Continue reading
I just registered for the 2015 East Texas Christian Writer's Conference. (Presents register, too.) I look forward to the conference each year because it's lots of things rolled into one: writing education - Soaking up all I can from others writers and people in the writing business feeds my brain. a reason to be on a beautiful college campus - Spending a day on a college campus for me is like spending a day at the mall for a 1980's teenager. It's totally rad, dude. girlfriend time - The trip back and from from Austin to Marshall with my simpatico... Continue reading
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I'm planning a resurrection. Or a resuscitation. To celebrate the 10-year milestone of my blog, a new version of Lexical Light will soon appear with these improvements: 1. A shorter directory name. 2. Fewer categories. 3. Scheduled posts. 4. Blogging dates. (Jack is writing a lot now. Me, not so much.) Continue reading
Posted Jul 3, 2015 at Lexical Light
Hope this game is as good as the Kentucky vs. Wisconsin game was - and hope the officiating is better. 1 Duke Blue Devils The Blue Devil @The1BlueDevil VS. 1 Wisconsin Badgers Bucky @UWBuckyBadger Continue reading
Here's the 2015 Final Four NCAA mascots: (Thanks to the WaPo for sharing the emoji-making brilliance of Julia Heffernan with us.) 1 Kentucky Wildcats The Wildcat twitterless VS. 1 Wisconsin Badgers Bucky @UWBuckyBadger __________________________________________ 1 Duke Blue Devils The Blue Devil @The1BlueDevil VS. 7 Michigan State Spartans Sparty @TheRealSparty __________________________________________ Continue reading
Eight is enough for the second weekend of the tourney, but eight is too many to share championship. You can follow my list of 2015 Sweet16Mascots twitter list to keep up with the tweeters. Look to the right to see that twitter feed. Thanks to the WaPo for sharing the emoji-making brilliance of Julia Heffernan with us. 1 Kentucky Wildcats The Wildcat twitterless VS. 3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish The... Continue reading
I"ll update this list of Sweet 16 games with mascots as the teams are eliminated. (You can follow my list of 2015Sweet16Mascots twitter list to keep up with the 12 tweeters .) The final scores are to the right. (As long as the web page lines up.) Thanks to the WaPo for sharing the emoji-making brilliance of Julia Heffernan with us. 3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish The Leprechaun @NDTheLeprechaun 81... Continue reading
Break it down now... Using the costumed mascots, not team nicknames, the 2015 Sweet Sixteen has: 10 animals - 2 birds, 2 wildcats, 1 badger, 1 bear, 1 dog, 1 horse, 1 ram, and 1 wolf 3 people - 1 mountaineer, 1 musketeer, 1 Spartan (or 1 armed dude and 2 soldiers) 1 mythical person - The Leprechaun 1 plant - WuShock is a shock of wheat 1 spirit -... Continue reading
No time to make this fit here, but I created a handy GoogleDoc of the 2015 Sweet 16 mascot emoji pairings. It's not exactly a bracket, but if you cross off the losers, you can use it as a wannabe bracket. (If you're a mascot fan with some web skills to contribute, let me know.) Printing tips: Select landscape and print background graphics. Zoom in or out (Ctrl + or... Continue reading
A quick list of the 2015 NCAA Sweet Sixteen mascots with their WaPo emoji and their twitter handles. (Follow my 2015Sweet16Mascots twitter list to keep up with the 12 tweeters .) They are listed by tourney seed, then alphabetically. 1 Duke Blue Devils The Blue Devil @The1BlueDevil 1 Kentucky Wildcats The Wildcat twitterless 1 Wisconsin Badgers Bucky @UWBuckyBadger 2 Arizona Wildcats Wilbur T. Wildcat @OfficialWilbur 2 Gonzaga Bulldogs ('Zags) Spike... Continue reading
Listed in order from lowest seed to highest: Rameses the Ram, UNC Tar Heels Mr. Wuf, NC State Wolfpack The Leprechaun, Notre Dame Fighting Irish Joe Bruin, UCLA Bruins Swoop the red-tailed hawk, Utah Utes D'Artagnan, Xavier Muskeeters Wilbur T. Wildcat, Arizona Wildcats Wildcat, Kentucky Wildcats Some Most of these primary mascots have secondary mascots that usually don't travel with them. Mr. Wuf has Mrs. Wuf. Joe Bruin has Josephine... Continue reading
I'm resuscitating my March Madness mascot life this year, but can just manage the list starting with the Sweet Sixteen in a timely manner. I'll retroactively post the entire list at some point, or not. A few things that caught my attention this year: Three Pistol Petes made the tourney this year: Oklahoma State, New Mexico State, and Wyoming. (Though New Mexico State is the Aggies, their mascot is a... Continue reading