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I totally agree with their assessment. It's almost creepy how well you slip into this douchebag. I love it. :)
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Another vote (again!) for the lovely Jo & Carter interaction--especially that little "guy talk" line. Brilliant. And of course the Claudia/Fargo brilliance continues, and the Neillison are completely awesome. I do hope we'll see a bit more of this during the rest of the seasons for both shows, even if it's just passing mentions here and there. I'm sure that coordinating such a huge crossover event is a big task, and I'm really impressed with the creative teams on both shows for pulling it off so well. While I'm on the subject, I'd also like to thank whoever's responsible for giving Fargo a character upgrade. The annoying, irresponsible douchebag routine was starting to feel inauthentic after so many seasons of events that should've made him grow up. He's considerably more likeable and complex, now, and that makes him a real joy in the show.
I admit I'm surprised there aren't cases of Degree sitting around. ;)
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Feb 16, 2010