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Yeah, I've heard that apparently in The Europe? The BudWEIser? Is not so bad... :D
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Wow.. that certainly looks rather well-endowed. Er, produced! I meant well-produced. XD
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2011 on Your move, Fan Fiction Writers at WWdN: In Exile
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Holy shit- that Fiend Folio in the background just brought back a flood of memories. Sadly, I never got a chance to actually play D&D (although I did MUD for a while), but from about 4th grade thru middle school I used to check out the Fiend Folio & Monster Manual from the local public library and just read through all the monsters. I actually used "Githyanki" (the guy on the cover) as a code word to write a secret admirer note to a girl I had a crush on in 4th grade- sadly, I was unprepared for the fact that she'd show it to a bunch of her friends, who would try to figure out who it was instead of her going up to people & saying the code word to verify herself- my friends all figured it out and she never actually came up & said it to me. In 8th grade I carried the Fiend Folio around w/ a collection of several sketch pads and proceeded to draw every single monster in it (even the ones w/ boobies!). I even (literally!) single-handedly changed the theme of the school yearbook, since I was drawing all the art for it- it was supposed to be McKinley Munchies, w/ pictures of food, only I was like "pictures of food? that's lame! I wanna draw monsters!" So I drew the D&D monsters eating the food, thus changing it to McKinley Monster Munchies! The cover had some four-armed bug-eyed creature, which I believe started with an X, holding a candy bar & a sucker in addition to his sword (and a note from the staff saying it was all my idea- heh). Ah, good times... ^_^
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Oct 3, 2010