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what an inauthentic advertisement. Limbaugh and the GOP et al are seriously using this advertisement as a means to garner support for a GOP/tea party candidate? These guys hate Hispanics; they hate Spanish speakers; and they hate so many...but a vote is a vote. Please, let us hope that the most marginalized groups in America do not fall sway to this propaganda machine's lies.
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I think the single greatest development in the next 20 years will be world peace. Transhumanism has left billions behind with its trajectory to "cure" and "augment" rather than focusing on the most pressing issue, which is that humans kill each other at an alarming rate (excluding outright homicide between two individuals). Transhumanism has failed to communicate a progressive message for the future that will include a fitter, more creative, and more satisfying life for the billions. If we were to just use the technology of today to help rather than kill/maim/enslave/control, then the world would start to heal itself culturally and be ready for the technologies coming ahead. Unfortunately, Transhumanists have failed to understand this vital linkage to prevent a world of 'haves' and 'have-nots'. There will not be a few super-intelligent people, because those left behind will ultimately be killed or revolt or both. In effect, the greatest achievement in the next 20 years will be a new philosophy borne out of the outdated Judeo/Christian/Muslim traditions that can satisfy the human curiosity for 'why we are here' and enjoin our respective cultures into a coherent vision of our shared future. Failing to inculcate this maxim will simply result in de-facto slavery of the 'have-nots'.
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Nov 1, 2010