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Louisville, KY
Things fall out of my head. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're dumb. I make no promises.
Interests: Shopping, cooking, reading, Cosmology, and writing. I love animals and a nice, new haircut. I love baseball, specifically the Chicago White Sox. Astronomy, and physics feed my geeky side. I love road trips, because getting there is half the fun.
Recent Activity
Going for a jog in the downtown area and losing my car in the great city of Louisville.
Progress has definatly been slowed as over the past month and a half I've had bronchitis, a sinus infection, and an ear infection. All. At. Once. I had to take three weeks off from running, but was able to hack (pun intended) some swimming. Last Saturday, though, I was able to get out. And get out I did. I managed to do three miles on the Ohio River Greenway along the (wait for it) Ohio River. There's a paved walking path that runs along the top of the levee for a few miles and it's got a great view of... Continue reading
Things have been going well, I'm lucky to have been blessed with a body that responds very well to exercise. I've gone from a 1.3 mile half hour to a 1.9 mile half hour, my blood pressure has gone down, and my working heart rate has gone down. And? The best part? I've lost 5 pounds. The downside is that I plateau very quickly, so I have to keep thing mixed up. Maybe I have more of my dad's athlete genes than I had originally thought. This weekend has been a bummer, though. I have bronchitis. Again. This has slowed... Continue reading
I've been absent from my blog for around a year, and a lot has happened. I left Indianapolis (good riddance), moved back to the Louisville area, found a guy, lost a guy, and discovered I was intrinsically unhappy. This wasn't really a big surprise, but I'd done a good job of distracting myself and coasting along on life's highs, instead of being really happy. I guess I'd convinced myself that I was happy without really being happy. As much as I hate to credit him with anything, I have to give the last dumper (let's call him "Dumper") credit for... Continue reading
It's been a long few weeks. As is tradition, my asthma and allergies have exploded. It's ragweed season and it's been a warm fall, so while I'm not deathly ill like last Fall, it's not been fun. Things should turn around this week, though. Tonight we're supposed to get a good frost. Like a below freezing, bring the plants and small children in kind of frost. My lungs and sinuses are rejoicing. I'm happy, Winter is my favorite time of year and it's on it's way! And, yet, there is a reason to NOT celebrate. Around six o'clock tonight I... Continue reading
There's nothing worse than finding out you're NOT totally rocking your $8.50 an hour job. Nothing. My background with performance reviews is a little sketchy, as, for the five years I was a paramedic at Harrison County EMS, I didn't once get a review that I hadn't done myself. As our raises weren't merit based, no one took the reviews seriously. The supervisors had, them, taken to handing us a blank review and telling us to fill it in ourselves. This was really good for my ego as I was consitantly above average. On everything.There was nothing I couldn't do... Continue reading
I'm supposed to be working on a project for my nutrition class. I cannot express my dislike for this project. These are the things I'd rather be doing than working on my project (in no particular order): 1. Cleaning the cat litter box. I don't call him Stinky for no reason. 2. Cleaning the bathtub. Those of you who were privy to my cleaning lady experiment know how much I dispise this. 3. Cleaning the kitchen floor. Again with the cleaning ladies. 4. Cleaning out my car. I'd take it to the detailing place down the street, but as my... Continue reading
I woke up this morning and found this in the kitchen: I put the toaster away, but it did little to improve on the situation. The pile of The Bakery leftovers in the corner needs to be attended to and there's a tea bag float ing in that coffee cup.The obsessive cleaner in me was horrified, the denier in me wanted to ignore it some more. I gave over to the cleaner and tackled the mountain of scuzz. In other news, I love my whistling teapot: My living room: (That's a pile of cat toys by the couch) My roommate:... Continue reading
It's been a while since I've posted anything. I think the lack of stimulation in my life made me unbearably boring, at least to myself. I started a job (finally!) in July and I've been plugging away at it since then. I've started as a slightly-more-than-minimum-wage cashier at a restaurant that I'll call "The Bakery." This is to protect me from the people I work with, and for. It's been a good time, not having any real responsibility is kind of freeing, in a way. Of course, with no responsibility comes little pay. Are the cookies stacked evenly? Yup! Are... Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010
So, wow, I checked my page statistics and I'm getting, on average, one and a half views a day. So, good job family and friends. Spread the word! So I'm reading the book What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell.This is exactly the sort of reading I enjoy. It's a collection of his writings for the New Yorker. Each chapter that you read makes you feel a little bit smarter, or at least a little bit more prepared for Jeopardy. He has a chapter in the book that talks about why people "choke." As in freeze up, lose their composure,... Continue reading
My favorite quote of the moment: "She said she usually cried at least once each day not because she was sad, but because the world was so beautiful & life was so short." --Brian Andreas in Storypeople. Mr. Andreas is an author, but moreso a unique artist. His work can be found on Tax refund time has come and I'm planning an adventure, maybe it's not the sane thing to do, but sometimes you just need to look out your window and see something else. A change of landscape, if you will. Spring Break is coming up and I... Continue reading
In my last post, I promised, or at least indicated that I might, post The Speech. The first speech, the one about Indymojo.Com. My fan has clamored for the video, so being the brave soul that I am, here it is. I haven't watched it, and probably never will. I find it really weird to watch myself on video and I hate the way my voice sounds (does this mean everyone does?). Maybe if I get hyped up on a load of margaritas I'll give it a whirl, but that's not likely. Me watching it, I mean. The margaritas are... Continue reading
So I had to give my first speech in my presentational speaking class (Com 114, if anyone cares)(and what the hay happened to good old fashioned "speech?"). The speech was an informative speech and had to be on a service in the community. I stretched those perimeters a bit and chose IndyMojo.Com as the topic of my speech. Research was a snap and I was soon well on my way to a decent outline. Apparently that was the easy part. Now I had to make up note cards ( Three is the ideal for maximum speech performance). I ended up... Continue reading