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So you are a member of the teacher's union, NOWEST? Strange that you would bring the Department of Education into the conversation. The Department of Education was created in 1976 by Jimmy Carter for the sole purpose of repaying the teacher's union for their needed was a blatant kick-back that Carter didn't even try to hide. The Dept. of Education continues today to function as nothing more than a government slush-fund for the teacher's union and a burden to taxpayers.
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NOWEST is the demented psycho that said he was going to 'skin Allen West alive' on twitter...and then got his liberal panties in a wad when authorities were alerted that he was making threats online...he finds all of the articles on Allen and spouts his illogical liberal hate speech. I've had the pleasure to meet & hear Col. West speak several times & I think he is exactly what America needs!
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Jul 20, 2010