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I concur. I predict it will be fine. Let it be. No worries. Also, keep in mind, sometimes the 'oops' ends up being really good stuff. Relax, and happy brewing. :)
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Welcome to homebrewing! - Yes, logs. Take notes. You'll thank yourself later. - If you ever decide to try a hefeweisen or similar wheat style, make sure you have ample space in your primary carboy/bucket. The yeast is *very* enthusiastic. VERY. Our first time we ended up with a little gyser of foam burping out the airlock and generally making a mess. - Careful when pouring DME (dry malt extract). That stuff is deceptively sticky, will get on everything if there's the slightest breeze, and it's a pain to clean up ("Dammit, everything is still sticky!"). - It's always good to take a hydrometer reading before bottling just to make sure the sugars have really been nommed by the yeast. We had a case when we were making a dark lager where we bottled without checking. Turns out there was too much sugar left. They turned out all foam on the pour since the yeast went into overdrive during bottle fermentation. - Have fun! :)
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The Wheaton was nestled all snug in his smurfs, While visions of smurfy-smurfing smurfed in his smurf.
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Dec 6, 2010