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VA Cane
former HS CFB player, 36 years coaching, appraiser.
Interests: Anything Outdoors, Vinyl Records, Family, Sandlot, HS, University of Miami and Oakland Raider Football.
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Nice letter hope we really finish strong and find the right coach...I want BD...but just win baby!!!!
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2015 on New UM President Is On Point at Canespace
40-3 Clappy....48-0 Onion.....58-0 AlPa.....what nightmares..... We need to pound UVA....I know coach London...once I was appraising an old house on Church Hill in richmond....he came around the corner, as he was a cop....scared my ass bad....we have been friends a long time....he is a good man.....but tomorrow no mercy!!!!
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2015 on New UM President Is On Point at Canespace
I am not saying fire AlPa.....give him the chance to see what he can do....he should be coaching for his job now....let him them up, run the me what you have got!!!! Win the conference, win the ACC...get to a big bowl and win it....get elites here win a NC...I want him to....but I will never be satisfied with also ran, top 60 football. I demand of myself to develop and teach winning ....I count 8 kids on the JMU Richmond it is not Bama, OSU, LSU, FSU, Clemson....and I have caught the comments before....several of you have said "you aint done shit"....and thats ok....I got a lot of kids playing learning getting educated.....and I have sent several to the big boys.....wanting to win at every level is important....remember "Life Family School Football in that Order!" I am very proud of my young men....I worked hard to help them get there...and unlike the Board, donna, AlPa, Onionhead, Clappy, Blake James....I have never gotten a dime....but immense satisfaction.... You cannot imagine what I could do given the chance....those SoFl kids would love to play for me....they would come in droves....its about being real with them knowing their world....not reading from a thick stack of papers or a manila folder.....about baring your soul to and for them....being real and caring not about $....but this!!!! JMO
Blake James has done well in some, baseball,girls tennis....lot of the programs are doing well. I am glad of that; I gave UM a lot of $ to educate my niece....and she is doing well. I am grateful to the school....thats the first raison d'etre for the school...Education! Fundraising is up, facilities etc...great...cannot deny the gains! Football is the most important sport at the school....lets face it most people are not UM fans due to Ryan Braun....they are fans from football. Blake James black eye argument does not wash. Money from the school is paying for a mediocre football program. How many of you personally have paid 4 years schooling at UM? I don't care what tickets you buy, or donate.....I am talking about school! I paid every damn dime expense for my $...not parents not grants $! It was a great education, worth it...but not cheap!!! I would never be satisfied with a half assed school,so I have no right to be dissatisfied with a half ass football program? These people....coaches ADs etc are way overpaid. Nobody anywhere is worth that kind of money anywhere. It is not a job!!!! Its a game!!!! Donna, BOT, several AD's, Clappy, Onionhead, AlPa,....and all the coaches combined have given the schools football program a black eye. The players have contributed too...they have to execute...but we have guys being taught supposedly by those who know...who are not executing to their ability....and we have guys recruited here that probably should NOT be here....D2 or D3 ability....because the elites are not coming here to be average and go 6-7! We have some good players....but we have very average coaches....who DO NOT know football....and are getting paid to spew blasphemy!!! I hold all people responsible for the black cloud/eye on UM right now!!!! The adults....all of them made bad decisions....and the people who pay....are suffering by dealing with a top 40-60 level program..... I still pull for the guys, I want to beat Clemson badly, and I hope we do!!!! But for Blake James to say black eye..... Creedence Clearwater Revival and John Fogerty said, "fore you cuse me, bes be takin a look at yoself!" Regarding that Clemson many titles do you got? Screw that stupid Howards aint won shit!!! The one title they did win was for a good man...Danny Ford he was LB coach where I played in college ...good man!!! We need to take them 1 game at a to win them all....hope we do....then look at the reality of it the Dodgers did....winning games is nice, winning divisions is nice....but really? I want titles championships....#1....why would you want or accept anything less? I would rather be in the hunt every year and have a shot....than to be 9-3 8-4 and win some meaningless bowl!!!! Titles matter winning titles matters! JMO
From Wikipedia.... Chancellor has played five seasons for Seattle, and was recognized for a break-out 2011 season by being sent to the 2012 Pro Bowl. Chancellor is a member of the Legion of Boom and is known for his hard hits. Chancellor has said that he attempts to emulate the former Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor, and said, "[He was a] big safety, the prototype guy for the position. I'm a big safety, too, and I've just always wanted to be just like him. I don't necessarily say I can be Sean Taylor before it's over, but I think I can be just as good."Also, before games and when he needs motivation, Kam says he watches the highlights of Sean Taylor on YouTube. He says it motivates him to do better, strive for greater things, and takes him to a darker place which makes him play better. He has a great admiration for ST26....and Jack Tatum....JT32.....I was so blessed to have learned as a young man from JT32 as my godfather coached in Oakland....I loved Jack; he really took a shine to me...even came to see me play in college. BBK loves both of these guys and thats his game. I took that interest in BBK because JT32 took an interest in me....its a real nice feeling to see your young men succeed....and know you were able to just be there to help in a small but loving caring way. I put all i have into my guys; I love doing it and its very special and important to me. I really believe god gave me this mission, and I cherish it dearly. JMO
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2015 on All Hail King Kaaya! at Canespace
I am just very private, but hey its great for people if that is your thing and you like it. I breath football and teaching my guys to be successful in "Life Family School Football In That Order", appraising houses all over central Virginia, and collecting vinyl passions. That keeps me very busy.....oh and enjoying Canespace.....and my family...Thanks again Soup, for all you provide!!!
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2015 on All Hail King Kaaya! at Canespace
Abudullah, the RB from Nebraska, had 23 fumbles lost in college!!!! Good Lord glad he wont a CANE!!!
Toggle Commented Sep 28, 2015 on All Hail King Kaaya! at Canespace
Yes Jerry call coach VA Cane this week, asked him about the keys. I think there are a lot of keys but I mentioned these.....I expect Choc and Corn to make big plays...if we run and protect Mr K he will be fine and ST is key...among other things. My big things are dynamic plays, schemes from coaches, coaches playing to win, save the TO's and make good adjustments. Think the kids will be ready and do the things I stated to Tony Cane at 12:45, coaches got to coach like Big Game Coaches this round!!!!!
Hers what I say to TN, FL, KY about their shitty programs.....from the Man In Black my fac avi!!!!!
Thats pretty damn funny!!!!!
I aint ever gonna like it! sorry bad typing!
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2015 on Welcome To The U! at Canespace
Urban is a football guy; he develops players, he has a plan. He recruits the hell out of kids......players coach....they want to play for him they want to win they have pride......winning is what matters to them and him. Thats coaching and its huge. I can tell got to hate losing badly. We are 92-3 6 titles 8 years.....but those 3 losses haunt me more than ever.....1 was a close game....2 cost us a chance to win 8 of 8 SBs.......that kills me....I move on ....but hell I hate it aint never gonna like it! Urban hates losing....he may be a goober....but the man is one hell of a coach. He could and would win here....they would flock to play for him in Miama FL!
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2015 on Welcome To The U! at Canespace
Guys like Urban and Saban are the best of their generation. But guys like that are exceptions not the rule. Yes coaching matters, but having overwhelming talent is 80-90% of it. To hear a lot of people on here, and you do point to talent an awful lot.... a lot seem to think that we have outstanding talent. So if the talent is so great, where are the wins? I think the talent is average or so, and the coaching is not where it ought understanding of the true mental and physical elements of the game, lack of leadership and player development, inability to get rid of dead weight on staff, hire and develop coaches who can do these things...and WIN!.....reflects on HC.
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2015 on Welcome To The U! at Canespace
Time to put the AlPaisms away...have not worked yet. time to learn from the master; time for the excuses to be thrown out; time has come to win. This year it has to happen. No 6-7 no 7-5....AlPa nneds to win the division, make the title game and win a real bowl. got to happen. time has come so lets go!
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2015 on Welcome To The U! at Canespace
Winning isnt everything; wanting to win is the only thing. We will never achieve perfection; but in our pursuit of it we can catch excellence. Vincent Thomas Lombardi
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2015 on Welcome To The U! at Canespace
Then again, anything is possible!
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2015 on Happy Birthday To U! at Canespace
Long way to go long time to swim long time to live without the beast LB of the sea getting hold of you!
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2015 on Happy Birthday To U! at Canespace
Dude sharp obeservation skills....Raize great pic! Hope our D will attack like a great white!
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2015 on Happy Birthday To U! at Canespace
Best wishes to all....we got a clear warm day...just finished looking at a house....going to see my guys as we work on those darn fundamentals!!!!! VAC
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2015 on MaryLou We Love U! at Canespace
Special thanks to you Soup, you run a great place here!!!!! Best of luck selling homes, keep at it you will do well. They cannot make you retire or get out!!! Show them Bro!!!!!
Does playing 12 yards off the ball, on 3rd & 9, show a lack of will to win? Does having LBs 8 yards off the ball, in 3rd & short situations, show a lack of will to win? Does having a DT covering a scat-back, show a lack of will to win? How can ya'll tell if a player has a lack of will to win? But Golden's bigger problem is controlling MORALE. MORALE controls EVERYTHING...the WHO...the HOW...and the WHAT. WHO =s PERSONNEL HOW =s FUNDAMENTALS/TECHNIQUES WHAT =s SCHEME What we have are actually facts, not opinions. Great points CaneRock....thanks for the shout to Fundamentals and scheme.... Everybody wants to win.....but a great leader of men leads his men to those waters....he loves his players...but drives them, motivates them daily, scares them, pushes them...makes them look inside themselves and teaches/develops in them how to recognize and overcome the barriers and fears that stand between them and winning....its like a seed or an infant....its there; you grow all 85 guys as a group...they grow into winning intertwined with each other, as a group...TEAM...together they overcome the barriers....and that will and desire to win explodes...thats how I do it....Machiavelli posed the question is it better to be loved or feared...his answer was nurture that winning seed through love and fear....and you live and breathe it first....deeply so they see it in you...they learn it live it believe it....with a deep passion. Dude, I do not always like Cowherd....he can be arrogant....and opinionated....but often is on point. Great point about Shark and Urban....wanting to win obsessed with winning....awesome story and one we must adhere to....wanting to fucking WIN!! Lombardi....“Gentlemen, we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.” "Winning isnt everything; wanting to win is the only thing." How can that not move process if you will is based on what i said above....and Lombardi ideas, and fundamentals, teaching developing aggressive football....TEAM....Championships!!!!! I live it breathe it teach my guys the time honored tradition of winning being champions!!! My guys here it everyday....we have to Life Family School Football in that order. You hear those words of Lombardi, put in the time, play fundamental aggressive football in dynamic schemes as a TEAM....and see the growth as a TEAM...and dominate people like we do....I mean we are psycho aggressive hitters...Assassins playing that Apocalypse Now football...sharks smelling blood going into a hitting!!! you want to win and win all the time. We do it as a everyday habit...we chase perfection each day....and catch excellence as a team one play at a time. It is a high no drug can give you!!!!! I love the high; it never gets old or boring!!! Yes 1 mg we state facts....but people do not want uncensored facts....they hurt deep because they ring true. I am tired of 11 years of bridesmaid, also ran, mediocrity. I want to win and I expect AlPa and co to change step up and start winning or move aside. I wish they felt as passionate as me and my kids do; I just want to win as much as possible, its what I live for. I love my guys and how we win!!!!! Thanks CR, 1 mg and Dude....great points!
Toggle Commented Feb 18, 2015 on Scarlet Knights: Bring Out Your Dead at Canespace
We have just as much speed and size as OSU has right in our back yard...we just need Butch to bring it all together.... I would agree with this 100%. You get a good # of these kids, and then some kids from outside of here...LA, TX, OK, CA and other hot beds like JJ, Butch HS, Erickson did.....its magic. You win and stay around the top. I loved the OSU attack...and while I am going to add a few wrinkles from Oregon...I have a QB coming back and a first year kid behind him that is phenomenal that can run that hurry up....we did a little....I have long been a advocate of that big OL monster DL....but I play almost 100% man....cause we are that good and athletic....and i blitz a lot out of the 46 and the 44 Killer....I run the pistol and shotgun....we will run that Jim Kelly Gun this year as our hurry up. Rumors out that we are already meeting scheming....couple coaches called me said how do you do it get them out? Simple....winning in football is so much more fun that sitting on a couch getting fat and pimply eating tacos and chips drinking soda playing loser fantasy video kids love to win....its the greatest feeling in the world. Love Myers brand of football, it was awesome; does not make me sick at all...makes me wish it was August already. Can overlook his past persona; appreciate that he is a true winner in the game. BTW there is no need to compare what OSU went through or make excuses.....they have been winning titles, putting guys in the pros for years and have 8 titles....they have been great for a long time. Besides you cannot compare people who are winning at a high level and people who are losing at a low common ground cause winning is the ticket; losing....well....I guess some people practice it for extended time periods enjoy it love it......and it becomes their God their mantra their modus know the height of mediocracy not me baby!!! Just win....Urban knows how to do it give him that!!!
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2015 on Hurricane Hoops Is The Thing at Canespace
Ohio State University has done it again. 12 years after winning a national title, they rise to the top to do it again. Can you say power football? A monster O line and a physical D line, a capable and able QB and a hoss RB.....sound familiar? put them at #1. Deservedly so. Very impressive job by their team, and their HC Urban Meyer. While not his biggest fan, I love his coaching. At UF he had more speed and a great D, with a QB that fit the style. Same at OSU....he takes what he has.....and he wins. Matter of fact...he has won everywhere he has been..Bowling Green, Utah, UF, now OSU. # NCs in 9 years pretty damn impressive. Again, I may not like all of the persona, but I did see a humble, grateful, selflessness of a coach who did one heck of a job leading coaching developing a team to the dizzying heights of a NC. The are undisputed champs and all respect to them. Not everyone sees the fact that winning titles...absolute outright undisputed titles is solely what matters in this game at any level. You develop coach drive motivate push people to do this the right way. Remember who told ya so...the VAC...Old # 40!!! "WINNING:...Life Family School Football in that order." "Success:when Preparation meets Opportunity." "TEAM Together Everyone wins Mightily." Thats how I do it...always have and alway will. Its great to be the best....and hard. Its even better to always be close, have a shot, be in contention, to matter, to be relevant.....not many of those people around. In football The NE Pats are the model....many different titles, 3 SBs....the ultimate model to try to emulate. I am very proud of my MC Panthers, we have done a great job of being true champions in my 4 phases above...94-3 6 of last 8 SB's, 5 post season Hopewell Bowls (8 municipality tournament)...and though I am called the leader....its not so kids lead the way they do the blocking tackling put in the work. I am very proud of them, and they are the winners....perhaps a more apt title for me might be...The Developer...takes in a lot of hats.....i like that concept....go figure!!!! Have a great day all of you.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2015 on Hurricane Hoops Is The Thing at Canespace
The only stats that matter in my eyes are the W's and L's and we ended on a 4 game losing streak!!!! That is unacceptable!!! 4 Muthaf@#$ing losses in a goddamn row? GTFOH with this shyt...... Now that is REALITY!!!! AlPa lovers are blind....I don't give a damn about stats!!!! You can quote all the #s you want and defend the man....he loses way too full of excuses and is a pulling the wool over many eyes....I think he and the whole supposed leadership are satisfied with average...or worse....cause they relish in it...and keep making excuses!!!! They got you hooked like a smallmouth bass on a treble hook!!! Heres a # for you put it in your needle and shoot it!!!! 96-3 6 of last 8 SBs out of 32 kids 13-14 are far superior fundamentally, aggressively, schematically and skillwise than any team AlPa has ever coached. Stick that in your brainwashed mind and loudmouth jaw and blow it baby!!!!!! Woooooooooooo!!!!!
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2014 on The Canespace Four Play Event at Canespace
I see some clouds on the horizon. AlPas tenure here is no longer a positive; you cannot build immediate success on being very average. Thats us; average playing in the Duck Dynasty Bowl. I think the dismal end to the season and a bad bowl loss could really hurt recruiting; they want to win man.....first college playoff ever would certainly make me look at those schools....FSU right there....Nick, Urban, Oregon.....the players....many others ranked above it makes the competition tougher. The U Part II coming out.....other than the stuff on 2001-2003 team....there is really not a lot to see.....just a tough time for a proud former champion....I do not see any real change since them.....all very average...after a while who cares or gets pumped up by average....not many people.