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VA Cane
former HS CFB player, 30+ years coaching, appraiser.
Interests: Anything Outdoors, Vinyl Records, Family, Sandlot, HS, University of Miami and Oakland Raider Football.
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Thanks TSully, I am counting on us to pull it together, get a big win. Win or lose I will stick with these kids we can do it!!!
. Convert 3rd downs and extend drives, more than we have, when not scoring quick TD's. Hopefully 5 or more extended drives, with at least 2 3rd down conversions 2. No Special Team snafus on either side of the ball 3. No offensive turnovers Very good points. 1. I would add run the ball effectively. The OL needs to provide Duke and Yerby some daylight. Give them light, they will do well. Like needs to be aggressive on runs, pick those feet up and drive people; the acks will hit holes that are there. I dont mean a 200 yard game, but a steady ground attack; get me 5 or 6. 2. Protect BK. Don't let him get sacked hit or pressured. You know they will, but keep him up as often as possible.Again the OL needs to step up. 3. No critical mistakes, especially in key situations. No false starts, offsides, face masks, personal fouls. 4. Get the run going, but keep Clive active, and do not be afraid to put PD 1 on 1 deep; take a shot. 5. Block and tackle; we wont be perfect but execute these fundamental aspects. I look forward to this one.
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Raining here and I have 2 appraisals to do. It very well may be damp in will be chilly. Guess I am a fan, I will be at the game. Since my dad knew all the security people trained them and as I kid I parked cars, I have had great access. Guess it did not hurt playing for Beamer in hs either! I have to take my classes to renew my appraiser license Thursday-Saturday.....but I leave Thursday at 4 with my VA State Trooper buddy....3.5 hr drive but we will make it lol! Will be in a nice booth high up....rare as I always was with my dad on UM sideline. Got to be back Friday am, but it is worth it! Go Canes need a big win!
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Maybe they fooled everybody; camp does not mean a thing; Game Day on the field is all that matters; you see people executing on the field now? I dont think we won a single game in spring and fall practice. You play how you practice and you are what your record says you are. Color it anyway you like; I am just telling you what I see on the field on Game Day it is the only time that matters...where you win and lose.
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Gents we lost for many reasons as a TEAM; coaches do not coach skills schemes and fundamentals; players are lazy do not listen and do not execute fundamentals they have not mastered as they do no repeat them over and over. We are a talented team, but we are passive, lazy, do not know fundamental football, and we are scared to play and coach balls to the wall WFO......we are # 1 in class ranking, stars, swag, talk, clipping reading, All star games, 40 times and HS records.......BUT that does not win a damn thing if you do not put it to use executing fundamentals, being aggressive, working as a TEAM, thinking......and going out there to knock someone into next week, put them out of the game with a low clean hard fast hit.......loving doing it and never saying a word. Controlled rage and hate executing fundamentals....and loving it silently.....can you say Jack Tatum The Assassin? Love it that way!!!!!!!!!
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Just in from a home field victory 24-7....4 and 0 looking good. We have given up a touchdown the last 2 weeks, but the teams we played were good teams. We run the ball protect it and play good D. We have mixed the throw in well, we are very balanced. We do not run trick and gimmick stuff very much; I see no need for it because we are so superior in real skills and can control tempo. We went no huddle several times go on first sound simple toss off tackle 4 or 5 in a row.....left them dazed and gasping...not in shape like us. Hot today!!!! We also ran a fake punt; my big boy saw it called it and ran it for 30!!!! Its something to see a 6' 185 pound 13 year old read and react...I give him the option; he called it and rumbled. My kids are very smart alert and sound.....THE FUNDAMENTALS!!!! they listen well; I hope I coach them right!! When Al Pa gets fired....we will have a CS coaching staff....yea I know we all get huffy, opinionated and such, but in reality we have a pretty good grasp of this sport. Lot of smart alert wise folks on here and we may express it differently and crude...but we know. I think we win on skill and talent today....sloppy as usual...flat and undaunting but win. To me that is sad that we take the field with a passive apathetic attitude.....far cry from the elite teams of today....and UM teams that used to strike fear in our opponents when we came out of the smoke. I think they laugh at us now....remember when we killed Nebraska in 02? They were scared. Now Duke WF UVA believe they can do it.....very sad for our once mighty program. We are about 35-50 level I think.....
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4 2 5 D originated in 1960 or so, as The Eagles employed it to stop Ditka. George Allen used it as Bears DC claimed it was his. First real regular use was by Shula and Bill Arnsparger with your Dolphins. It does not matter what scheme we run, or if we had 13 on the field. The schemes are soft, passive and the coaching of defense in general is poor. At the same time, our guys do not use their hands, do not run to the ball, do not tackle well and are very spooky and unaggressive. Until we coach FUNDAMETAL FOOTBALL, and guys execute and come to play, it will not change. Its a TEAM; coaches and players share the blame.
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Love the player despise the drama queen stuff. Wish we had a few of him on the team; just tape them jaws and cut him loose!!!!!!!!
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The Defense overall, the OL being mobile smart and hostile, and that QB slot making good decisions and not in panic mode will be the key. If we can protect the QB, block for the backs, stop some people and get steady play out of the QB whomever it may be we will be ok this year. Need to be ready, win and finish strong.
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Lamar Thomas....talks too much and was not shit in the pros. Talkaholic no substance to him at all.
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I love him as a player, glad he has the demons behind him I think he does. I just cannot listen to him. He is a great all timer; too much bs loudmouth talk for me. Only my opinion.
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Very strong recruiting by staff. Great job. I take it with a grain of salt, but hope for very best. We need to take care of business this year. Ensure these guys are not verbal commits, but rather solid committed recruits. Win this year is all it takes. Strong year, strong finish will be a great positive factor. We will see how it turns out. I am hopeful for Mike Jr and Tim I, but I am not impressed with Loudmouth Uncle Mike acting like its his decision to make. I hope they do come, but let the kids decide what is best for them. They are kids and should be given their space to decide. Mike was a great player; his character and big mouth are another thing. It did not hurt my feelings when he got carried off; they were looking to punish him for all the talk he did. Great great player; too much talk too often for me. Yea, sure Mike, the last crack pipe you got caught with was one you took from your brother and were getting rid of, but forgot to do so. Had to load it again huh? Again great player; cannot watch or even listen to him, Sapp or Lamar Thomas. Mike and Sapp great HOFers; Thomas not even close, ever. I would rather hear someone else. Roach; Humble Pie....The Pie!!!! Saw them with Frampton early 70s....We saw them in 1971 original aqnd best lineup......with Marriott on rhythm and vocals, Peter Frampton on lead, Greg Ridley on bass and Jerry Shirley on drums. They sure rocked. I Don't need no Doctor, Stone Cold Fever, 30 Days in the hole, Honky Tonk Women, Roadrunner....ahhh The Pie!!!! Sadly, Marriott and Ridley are deceased. Great Band!!!!
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Kick Out The Jams Hurricanes......MC5!!!!!!!
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Hello ! Rohan Marley!!!!!!
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'm ready for that slaughter the blood of the innocence type DEFENSE It is the only way to play. I have had opposition coaches ask me do I teach my young men to play that way....I ask "is there any other way to play this game?"
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Amazing how teams who do well have good stats Huh? These teams execute the fundamentals well. Makes a difference!
Personally I see safety play as crucial to us improving in the matrices. Thanks for this point. It is critical as corners have a job to on the gamebreakers. The safety is supposed to protect your gut, the middle. We have made more people pro TEs in the last 10 years due to our indecent exposure in the middle. We are terrible. I am blessed to have had some great ones. I am a man guy on the outside and in. I study my opponents carefully and my corners are always in man; my strong safety is always in man on the TE, I have had some real athletes so that helps. We are very vunrable up the middle in general; great point FM!!!!!
I love stats as they tell you things, but they are a part of the big picture. Mastering the fundamentals of the game, fielding an intelligent well disciplined thinking TEAM, creating dynamic aggressive schemes and adding wrinkles that enhance them, holding people accountable for their jobs and teaching coaching developing players that are team and goal oriented with positive aggressive attitudes will get you to the big picture: Winning. If you do these things the stats will be in your favor most of the time. Having been fairly successful at the things listed above, I have found in the games that really mean the most; ie title games that fundamental disciplined intelligent aggressive accountable selfless TEAMS win. I want that more than anything: TITLES. In those games if you field TEAMS with these characteristics, the critical stats almost always come out in your favor.
a strong aggressive physical attack overall is critical. A good push in the middle, putting center and guards in the QB lap like a Yorkie. Quick pressure from the outside making the QB step up into the teeth of our DTs. Good coverage on the WRs and we have to be aware of where the TE is. We may not be #1, but we can play better D than last year. We must improve and with the numbers from the studies on here it is obvious that improvement greatly enhances success IE Wins!!!!!!
I feel a WHEN coming people!!!!!!
I mean look how Golden, Coley, Carroll and the gang are recruiting THIS YEAR! Great recruiting, great job by all. If we can have a good winning season this year it will be WHEN!!!!! Winning solves it all, opens those flood gates of recruits for the taking!!!!!
Well thought point GC. You are thinking like a DC a good one. Pressure is everything, especially from the front guys. If you can get 4 guys up front who can put pressure on with 6 O linemen, you can really cause problems. One reason I like the 46 and variations thereof is the pressure. You get a really good athlete over the ball in the base 46....quick disruptive versatile....he causes problems for the 2 guys who touch it literally every play...QB & center. If you get in their heads, cause confusion, make plays and get even more help from your other rush guys, the time to get a pass play off is nil. If you have great corners who can go man all day then that makes it even better. Starts with massive pressure on QB and center, regardless of run or pass. You want those 2 guys highly nervous....coyote syndrome heightened awareness paranoid and scared.....thats what I bring every play on D I physically and mentally create mistakes. They get confused, nervous, scared....and they know my D will end it all with a Tatumizer the big hit that will put someone out of the game. We love that, the hard fast clean low hit that hurts!!! Good point GC.
Sure wish UVA had won the baseball NC, but it was a great series. Both schools were great, are fine institutions of learning and put on a great show. In the end, Vandy was a little better but both teams were great. Joy to watch eh Joe? Much better than pro ball!!!!!
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if their all......tells you the level of intelligence in that speck of words. Ignore them, as they will eventually go away.
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Soup, all kidding aside, I am rooting for him as well. He is a big old boy!!! I agree the talent is limited; you got to have it. We said last blog why do the FSUs Bamas, LSUs OSUs Oks get the top talent? Simple. Right now they are winning. We must build toward winning at each position, each phase, each concept and combine it to produce a Winning Attitude....= Winning TEAM!!! I want him to succeed badly; if so then we succeed as UM fans of the TEAM we love. I would be doing backflips down the country roads!!!!! VA Country Azz Cane!!!!!
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