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I would imagine that as frequently as your picture was taken for the various teen magazines that most of these photos if not all were a blur. I'm curious though, if there were any instances that stand out in your mind.
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To use the losses in Colorado or Pedroia's broken foot is making an artificial example. Those losses could have (and, in fact have more than 20 times this season, so far) come from an AL team. Pedroia's foot could have been broken in any AL park just as easily. NL pitchers don't use special techniques that make such injuries more likely. (Frankly, this is a problem with sports journalism: creating links between things that are generally unrelated) A better example would be to use Buchholz' injury. While not season-ending and he shouldn't miss his next start, it is evidence that putting people in situations they generally don't practice for is taking serious risk. Risk that the AL has to deal with more than the NL. Now, for a real discussion, let's talk about getting rid of the "This time it counts" crap that the All-Star Game carries.
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Why pose this in the form of a question? It's obvious that the Red Sox are looking at alternatives to Bay in case he doesn't sign with them. We already know this and have known since before the season ended.
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Nov 21, 2009