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you know who is struggling??? Fans of other teams that spend time reading Miami Heat blogs. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahaa you losers. Keep changing your names , and dont forget keep being a loser !
Toggle Commented Dec 21, 2010 on What is it about the Mavs? at Heat Check
Because Riley would never play a rookie and Spolestra does what Riley tells him too do. Be your own man Spo and tell your boss this is a new game , and it's time to trust your judgement. With all the hustle Haslem has , Beas given the minutes would still end up with as many rebounds and double the points. No brainer for me............coming from a fan who respects what Has does on a nightly basis...........still not good enough to the upside of playing Beasley and givivng him more experience............this team is not built to win it all this year.....stop BULL**&$#**** and develop our future !
Tough back to back...we looked sick in the 4th qt.
We are lucky to witness Dwyane Wade perform his magic as a member of the Miam Heat ! He will always make a game worth watching ! Hope Spo is getting the memo....more minutes for Beasley although Has was solid tonight. It's a joke Wade is not seriously considered for the MVP voting. No one is more valuable to his team.Remember that the other two are 6-8 and 6-9 and play on better teams. Wade has better all round averages tha both and ohhh yeah.......he is the leader in that all important scoring department too. It's always a treat when you watch a regular season game that you will never forget in your life ! Thank D .
1strd. Larry english 2nda.Alphonso SMith 2ndb.Brian Robiskie 3rd.Pat White Whattya think?
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Huh..Beas got minutes and whala !
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2009 on Miami Heat 135, Phoenix Suns 129 at Heat Check
Great.....we now have to cover TO and Moss on one team.......with our corners im not liking this ! You know he is going to NE , bellichek wants nothing more than to prove he is the one to forever change the way To is looked at after winning one ! While it's good news that we wont get him , bad news is we will be playing against him.
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Jason Taylor just released....that maybe why????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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